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Solve your specific Big Data needs

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Create an infrastructure to get the most out of Big Data

Transforming with Big Data is about creating a system infrastructure that supports your goals for analytics and data processing while simplifying your landscape.

Seize the opportunities of Big Data

Discover the steps to understanding the benefits of Big Data and how to mine it, from what Big Data is to how to assess data maturity and identify use cases.

Extract valuable insight from Big Data with speed and ease

Explore how you can tackle the key pillars of Big Data analytics: where to keep data, how to unify diverse data types, and how to integrate it in the enterprise architecture.

Explore Big Data and SAP Leonardo

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Discover how the SAP Leonardo digital innovation system supports rapid innovation and digital transformation with Big Data to transform your processes and business models.

Choose your SAP software for Big Data

SAP Data Hub

Bridge the gap between Big Data and enterprise data. SAP Data Hub is a data landscape management solution that enables agile data operations across the enterprise. Experience data sharing, pipelining and governance capabilities that span the connected landscape. 

  • Simple, scalable data landscape management 
  • Advanced data pipelines for powerful, multi-step
  • Centralised visibility and governance

SAP Vora

Uncover actionable businesses insights from Big Data with SAP Vora, an in-memory distributed computing solution. Run enriched, interactive analytics on both enterprise and Hadoop data and reduce data redundancy.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Actionable Big Data insights in near real-time
  • Easy-to-use web interface for data modelling

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services

A comprehensive Hadoop-and-Spark based processing solution in the cloud. Fully managed, with data operations services included, for worry-free reliability and performance. Compute bursting, proactive job monitoring, and support are all automatically included.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Optimised for ease of use, scalability, and performance
  • Enterprise-class security and compliance
  • Operational services includedCompute bursting for automatic elasticity

What are leading analysts saying about SAP?

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A single processing platform tames data sprawl, finds Forrester

A recent study reveals that 76% of firms are overcoming Big Data challenges with a single processing platform for advanced analytics. Learn about this approach, why Hadoop matters, and which additional capabilities should be considered.

Analysing the world with mobile Big Data solutions

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With a goal of barcoding every species on the planet, the International Barcode of Life project turned to SAP for a mobile application to access a huge amount of Big Data to crowdsource and identify new specimens.

Get the latest news and trends from experts

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Tim Allen
Global SAP Marketing Alliance Manager Intel

Solving the IoT's Big Data challenge with machine learning

Discover how machine learning will come of age this year, moving from research labs and proof-of-concept implementations to cutting-edge business solutions.

Bernd Leukert
Member of the Executive Board SAP SE

What can your data do for you?

Discover how the popularity of Big Data can be attributed to the open source community that has released tools and frameworks to store, process, and analyse data.

Greg McStravick
President, SAP Database and Data Management SAP

Machine learning scores a touchdown for sports teams

Find out how the crucial scouting process for professional sports teams is evolving, with machines taking the place of humans in evaluations.

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