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Release Highlights

Explore new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of the SAP Analytics Cloud solution.

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Watch a demonstration of the data analyser functionality and get insights into the many enhancements that were delivered in the latest release of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Featured Highlights

Updates to data analyser

Data analyser is a popular functionality for ad-hoc analyses in SAP Analytics Cloud. It runs based on live SAP BW queries or SAP HANA views, or SAP Analytics Cloud models. Many enhancements to the data analyser functionality were delivered this quarter across multiple capabilities, including but not limited to the following:

  • Table layout and interaction
  • Removal of widget filter and simplified dimension member filtering
  • New entries in contextual menus to filter members or freeze headers
  • Advanced support for display attributes in the builder panel

Calculate the difference between time periods

Live connectivity to SAP BW is important to many SAP Analytics Cloud users. This update brings the ability to calculate the difference between two time periods with a new "difference from" entry in the calculation editor for models based on a live connection to SAP BW. This enhancement closes a feature gap that used to exist between models based on SAP HANA and models based on SAP BW.

Save forecasts in multi action sequences

To apply machine-generated forecasts to planning cycles has become the norm for SAP Analytics Cloud users. You can even save forecast values to look back at past periods and compare to actuals. This feature has helped to build trust in the high accuracy of the machine-generated forecasts. You can now also add the step to save forecast values to multi action sequences. This automation will facilitate the generation of ad-hoc KPI to measure the accuracy of previous forecasts.

Trace data actions and advanced formulas

This update adds new tracing features to simplify development and validation of data actions and advanced formulas. These features include the ability to:

  • Define trace points with visual cues indicating their location
  • Execute tracing in-line with script construction, including parameter passing
  • Watch trace point results in tables
  • View run history
  • Consume trace version within stories

Administrate all calendar tasks and processes

A new calendar administration role is now available in SAP Analytics Cloud. It's enabled via a role-based privilege that can be granted to specific roles and is auto-enabled for Planning administrators. Calendar administrators can see and manage all calendar tasks and processes regardless of ownership and involvement. 

Administration features include:

  • Toggle on display for all calendar events
  • Visual cues to indicate explicitly administration mode
  • Edit any calendar events

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