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Business Intelligence Features

Find a better way to capture, use, access, and share your business intelligence (BI) with the SAP Roambi Web application.

Understand your numbers

Easily create and share engaging data views in three simple steps – with our cloud SaaS analytics platform and business intelligence tools.
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Provide a mobile- and desktop-friendly experience

Deliver the same engaging user experience to everyone – whether on a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Deploy a BI platform that is designed and built to deliver the richest data experiences for mobile users.

Benefit from integrated data visualisation

Explore, use, and understand your data with ease. Instead of static BI dashboards, you can access 10 dynamic visualisations – each combining the interactive navigation and analytics features you need.

Perform freestyle analytics and data discovery

Visualise, explore, and filter any CSV data set from your iPhone or iPad. With an industry-first, on-device analytics engine, you can analyse BI data and discover new insights in a blink of an eye.  

Bring Data to Life

Build interactive BI reports that bring valuable context to your dashboard views – with interactive, insightful data visualisation.
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Support a rich media experience

Create fully immersive BI reports that support multi-touch navigation. Pull in images, text, and visual media from sources such as SAP Roambi, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Leverage multimedia PDFs

Take PDFs from any source, and turn them into an enticing mobile experience that supports multi-touch gestures. Add data visualisations and media content in minutes.

Embrace reporting best practices

Seamlessly create, manage, and distribute reports in a single visual analytics app. Streamline and safeguard the process with built-in data sharing and security.

Cloud Platform

Adopt the mobile and desktop BI tools you need to deliver data to your entire organisation – no matter its size.
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Scalability in the cloud

The cloud-based architecture of the BI platform makes data analysis and sharing simple to set up, manage, and maintain – with no hardware needed.

Secure your data 24x7

Protect your data on a securely hosted architecture with industry-leading security features. At SAP, we believe the security of your data is both a critical responsibility and an opportunity to innovate.

Gain administrative control

Manage your users, your content, and your accounts on your terms. Deploy a full set of built-in administrative tools that supports the high performance of cloud analytics and the reporting platform.

SAP Software Accessibility

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