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Businesspeople using SAP augmented analytics tools on a smart screen

Augmented and predictive analytics features

Put AI-powered analytics in the hands of every businessperson – without data science training – with augmented analytics capabilities.

Go the last mile of data-driven decision-making with augmented analytics

Smart, automated analytics workflows and natural language processing make it possible for all businesspeople to make confident decisions based on data-driven insights and drive the best possible outcomes, without relying on IT or data and analytics experts.

Conversational analytics

Ask questions just like you would in a normal conversation – and get instant answers explained in natural language.

Automated machine learning

Use self-service machine learning models to automatically reveal hidden relationships in your data and generate actionable insights.

Intelligent predictive analytics

Automate sophisticated predictive analysis with machine learning algorithms – and predict outcomes and generate forecasts with a click.


Explore SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics features – from natural language processing to AI-powered data discovery, analysis, visualisation, and prediction. Embedded in SAP Analytics Cloud’s BI and planning workflows, the features democratize analytics and help everyone go from insight to action in a fraction of the time.

See how customers are using SAP augmented analytics

Predicting the number of visitors to shopping malls

95% accuracy achieved in month-end forecasting

What are analysts saying about augmented analytics software?

Leading organisations are choosing SAP Analytics Cloud

See why SAP Analytics Cloud has recently been recognised as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave: Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021.

Best practices for driving adoption of augmented analytics capabilities

Increase adoption of augmented analytics with an Analytics Adoption Framework that describes the major factors for widespread adoption of BI and analytics tools and features.

Learn more about SAP augmented analytics

Best practices in augmented analytics

Learn about the factors that support widespread adoption of BI and analytics tools, and hear how an SAP customer implemented SAP Analytics Cloud to support predictive planning.

The answer to scaling analytics adoption

Find out how augmented analytics is helping make analytics more accessible to both casual and advanced analytics.

Measure the maturity of your analytics practices

How mature is your approach to analytics? Take this online assessment, prepared by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by SAP, and receive recommendations for your analytics processes.

Augmented analytics on a real-world dataset

The U.S. College Scorecard dataset is a massive playground for analysts. See what SAP Analytics Cloud augmented analytics can do with the dataset vs. traditional data discovery tools.

SAP Analytics Cloud: Democratizing AI analytics

See how SAP Analytics Cloud lowers the adoption barrier to AI and machine learning-powered analytics – and embeds the technologies directly into BI and planning processes.  

SAP augmented analytics: Why you need it

Hear how our tools can help users understand what is happening and why, without bias – and without a degree in data science.  

#askSAP Analytics Innovation Community Call: Increase the Adoption of BI & Analytics

Learn SAP’s strategy for BI and analytics as well as explore live demos and future innovations of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Explore additional features

SAP Analytics Cloud Features

Explore key features of SAP Analytics Cloud built on SAP Business Technology Platform and powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database.

Purchasing Options

Available on a subscription basis, SAP Analytics Cloud offers several flexible licensing options to meet your organisation’s needs.

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