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Take advantage of the SAP HANA partner ecosystem

SAP partners play a key role in helping organisations of all sizes – across all industries – use SAP HANA to transform and run their businesses. They can help you define, buy, build, implement, service, and support the SAP HANA solution that best fits your unique needs.

What do SAP partners bring to the table?

Hear from Rodolpho Cardenuto, President, SAP Global Channels and General Business, about the vital role played by partners at SAP. Customers benefit from flexibility, industry-specific expertise, market reach, and so much more.


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Getting Started

Learn about our support and maintenance services for SAP HANA – and browse SAP HANA offerings in our store.


Explore the latest tips and resources from SAP HANA experts – and learn how to smoothly migrate to the platform.


Get an overview of supported hardware, global partners, our startup program, and partner-managed cloud benefits.
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