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SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

Extend your digital core – with SAP Leonardo IoT Edge

SAP Leonardo IoT edge bridges physical things with the business world.  It includes SAP Edge Services on the cloud and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing on-premise.  Both solutions optimise business processes at the edge, to increase asset uptimes, operational efficiency and worker productivity.  Convert raw sensor data into intelligent and real-time actionable insights at the edge.

Why SAP Leonardo IoT Edge? 

Because only about 15% of edge data needs to be analysed in data centres, and the rest can be processed at the edge of the network, outside of the data centre. With SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, SAP Edge Services (cloud) and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing (on-premise) can simplify and accelerate edge computing – so you can analyse and take intelligent business action immediately, where it’s needed most. 

With Leonardo IoT Edge you can: 

  • Simplify processing patterns from multiple types of IoT sensors
  • Extend your digital core to the intelligent edge and bridge physical IoT devices or “things” with the business world
  • Take immediate action by triggering work flows at the edge of your network and accelerating local business processes
  • Securely transmit data from edge sensors to your core digital systems
  • Reduce communication costs by sending only essential data and insights back to your digital core

SAP Dynamic Edge Processing 2-minute video

SAP Edge Services demo video

Learn how SAP Edge Services and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

  • Manage and secure your edge data: Manage and monitor your edge devices and IoT sensors, secure all data  transmissions, and control and automate actions and things.

  • Extend your digital core to the edge: Extend core business processes beyond your data centre, and enrich IoT data with edge analytics to provide continuity for critical business functions, without reliance on network connectivity. Speed up decision making, and increase the efficiency of workers.

  • Improve speed and performance: Quickly process and store events and edge data locally – to accelerate performance and reduce the volume of transferred data.

  • Simplify the user experience: Optimise local work flows to enhance the user experience and boost worker productivity.

  • Enable cloud-driven services: Seamlessly leverage a Streaming and Persistence Service, Policy Service, Business Essential Function Service and Predictive Analytics Service at the edge with SAP Edge Services and SAP Cloud Platform, to support real-time decision making.

  • Optimise compute spend: Choose which data to persist locally to support critical functions, and which data to aggregate and send back for deeper analysis.

SAP Edge Services and SAP Dynamic Edge Processing offers industry leading intelligence at the edge in real-time, where IoT data originates, to optimise efficiency, reduce latency and minimise disruption due to intermittent connectivity.

  • Business Functionality service: Execute business processes at the edge to ensure uninterrupted business process flow and keep your business running - Using SAP Plant Maintenance (PM), Materials Management (MM) and Inventory Management (IM). Extend other SAP functional areas to the edge, such as Employee Health & Safety (EH&S), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM) and more, with repeatable architecture for edge services.

  • Real-time Decision Making: Host applications locally at the edge using edge data for sub-second system-response time to facilitate real-time decision making without round trips to the cloud.

  • Streaming service: Analyse IoT data streams and define conditions with adjustable time windows for pattern recognition and automated events.

  • Edge Persistence service: Locally store IoT data on gateways and run directly on IoT devices at the edge, to minimise bandwidth congestion, automate data throttling or set local data policies.

  • Predictive Analytics service: Deploy, execute and update predictive models.  Read predictor variables from the persistency service, to predict and prevent real-time incidents and find undetected anomalies.


With SAP Leonardo IoT Edge, we offer flexible deployment options to meet your business needs.Deploy SAP Edge Services or SAP Dynamic Edge Processing 

  • SAP Edge Services 
    SAP Edge Services runs on SAP’s Cloud Platform.  It scales the cloud to the edge for latency-sensitive use cases and deterministic performance.  It offers a subscription based pricing model.

  • SAP Dynamic Edge Processing
    SAP Dynamic Edge Processing supports manufacturing and industrial IoT use cases. It offers a perpetual license model, based on number of devices.

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