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Database and Data Management

Manage your enterprise data efficiently to optimise analytics and insights and improve business outcomes.

SAPPHIRE NOW Converge Channel

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UKISUG Data Symposium

An outcome-driven data strategy is essential, because modern business strategies depend on data for success. Discover how to enhance your business at the UKISUG Data Symposium

Enterprise Information Management

Unlock the full potential of your information assets.

Image representing the foundation for data-driven intelligence

Enable intelligent data management

Build a foundation for data-driven intelligence with solutions that manage, govern, and integrate your enterprise data to feed analytics and drive confident business decisions.

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SAP HANA has transformed the way we work and given us the agility and processing power we need to make the most of new opportunities in the digital world.

Andreas de la Camp, Head of Line Europe, Center of Expertise SAP ERP Divisions, Siemens AG
Image representing a database

SAP HANA and Databases

Compete strategically in today's business environment by gaining insights that can help you make better decisions faster.

Database services

Application services

Processing services

Integration and quality services

Real-time enablement and Big Data optimisation

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An arrow circling arround a light bulb

Data Intelligence and Orchestration

Deliver data-driven innovation across distributed landscapes, complex data types, and processing engines.

Data discovery

Data orchestration and pipelining

Data cataloging

Enterprise AI lifecycle management

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"The smart architecture of SAP Data Hub allows us to maximise on the potential of our data to optimise manufacturing and supply chains and keep our customers stocked with the products they need at any given time, ultimately saving patient lives.”

Sinanudin Omerhodzic, CIO, PAUL HARTMANN AG,

Increased automation is reducing data input errors and enabling our staff to focus on productive, value-added activities, such as engaging more with customers.

Mike McCormick, CIO, Vivo Energy
Image of interconnected circles, representing integrated master data

Master Data Management

Build a comprehensive system of master data to streamline business processes and gain a single, trusted view of master data across the value chain.

Master data consolidation

Central governance

Master data quality management

Process and workflow analytics

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Image of a shield with a keyhole surrounded by data points depicting governance

Information Governance and Metadata Management

Establish the trust and understanding of your information assets to anticipate risk and drive better business outcomes.

Information lifecycle and content management

Information governance and stewardship

Metadata management

Data profiling and monitoring

Data modelling

Data discovery and protection

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We were data rich but information poor. We had a lot of people-intensive processes and were getting feedback about how difficult we were to engage with. So we set out to make Council services better, faster, and more reliable.

Ingrid McClymont, Head of Information Applications, Auckland Council

Data management software from SAP will help us integrate information from new energy sources while enriching services and lowering costs for customers through 2025.

Craig Campbell, Customer Analytics Manager, SA Power Networks, Picture Credit
Gears in motion

Data Quality and Integration

Collect, connect, and transform data into a trusted, ever-ready resource for data-driven applications.

Data virtualisation and access

Data preparation and transformation

Data movement and migration

Data replication

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Turn your data into business value

Database and data management solutions are a core part of the Business Technology Platform, providing the ability to handle the growing amounts of data stored in multiple locations with controlled access for your entire organisation to analyse and act on a single version of the truth.

Run data anywhere

Modernize data stores with flexible deployment options, tailored data centres, or certified appliance configurations from reliable vendors.

Reduce data redundancy

Virtualise data access to reduce the need to replicate data and analyse live data on a single platform for transanalytic applications.

Orchestrate data

Accelerate the use of valuable data with end-to-end, automated, and reusable pipelines that deliver intelligent in-context data.

Improve data visibility

Create great user experiences with a unified metadata catalogue and a centralised  management GUI to improve data visibility and privacy.

Fast-track your Business Technology Platform journey

Harness the power of your data

SAP HANA accelerates outcome-driven innovation by developing intelligent and live solutions for real-time decisions and actions on a single data copy.

What are analysts saying about database and data management solutions from SAP?

Creating business value with modernization

Become a data-driven organisation and navigate today's challenging business environment.

Understand your data with the help of metadata management

Learn how leading metadata management providers are meeting modern data management needs.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

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