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Sales Cloud Features

Sell more from anywhere with SAP Sales Cloud. Get the insights you need to connect with your customers in a personal and relevant way.

One Unified Sales Experience

Gain better insights and increase productivity with a seamless mobile experience and pre-packaged integration across front-office and back-office solutions.
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Seamless groupware integration

  • Gain full-featured support for Microsoft Outlook, Google Gmail, Lotus Notes, and server-side integration via partners such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Provide sales and service users with a familiar and simple environment
  • Synchronise appointments, tasks, and contacts bi-directionally

Back-office collaboration

  • Benefit from prebuilt integration for SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP Jam    
  • Access partners such as InsideView, LinkedIn, and Xactly
  • Take advantage of mash-ups of most applications and mobile apps

Support for a collaborative platform

  • Work with real-time insights and scalable capabilities powered by SAP HANA   
  • Simplify enhancement tools for power users
  • Extend the user interface with ease to provide tailored views and business processes

Sell-anywhere enterprise mobility support

  • Roll out complete mobile apps without additional costs
  • Support iPad, iPhone, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Watch
  • Provide a responsive user interface with offline support
  • Integrate with business card scanners

Extensibility and personalisation

  • Increase adoption with consistent look and feel across tablets, smartphones and browsers
  • Improve sales efficiency by providing a tailored experience to fit sales needs
  • Easy customisation of UI for changing business needs with no coding or heavy lifting required  

Accelerated Sales and Operational Excellence

Improve sales efficiency and effectiveness by simplifying sales processes with an easy-to-use, cloud sales application.

Intelligent Sales with Actionable Insight

Provide the right course of action to help accelerate sales productivity and nurture leads to close with advanced AI-based analytics.

Retail Execution

Win at the shelf with the right product at the right time, place, and price by transforming retail execution and perfecting the in-store experience.
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Improved visit planning and preparation

  • Maximise productivity with customised and personalised activity plans for every campaign
  • Optimise store routes and visits
  • Access a comprehensive map and calendar view
  • Engineer planograms for strategic shelf

Optimised store execution and buying experiences

  • Enable geolocation check-in and check-out
  • Give reps mobile access to sales tasks and data
  • Validate product promotion and audits
  • Support account-specific product assortment

Advanced analytics for improved performance

  • Analyse productivity and completion 
  • Assess store trends and define improvement plans
  • Gain insights into competitive pricing
  • Measure sales performance

Innovative Technology

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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