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In-depth articles about how trends, innovation, technology, and leadership affect business.

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The future of field service management

Field service workers can solve problems remotely, leading to efficiency, speed and even new business models.

Who’s in your sustainability department?

The first step for getting support on your sustainability programs: staffing your program right.

Giving AI a moral compass

To make artificial intelligence behave ethically, humans have to take the lead.

Customer experience

The art of employee engagement through e-mail

Keep your employees connected to your corporate strategy by ensuring that your newsletters are simple, relevant and timely.

Customer service is the profit center of the future

Technology, empathy, and culture are transforming customer-agent interactions into new revenue gains.

The business of returning things

Instead of treating the returns process as a cost of doing business, look at it as a pathway to winning customer experiences.

Future of work

The quest to build remote digital collaboration

Tools will borrow the best traits of gaming, AI, and virtual reality to unite employees working in separate locations

What managers can do to support stressed workers

Managers can respond to employees’ mental health needs by making services accessible and supporting work-life balance – while also taking care of themselves.

Why cross-functional work is so hard and what to do about it

Busting silos is the secret to true agility. Here’s how leading companies build the skill of dynamic teaming across internal corporate boundaries.

Leadership and strategy

How to cut your losses

Not every initiative succeeds. Author and executive Lisa Gable helps leaders understand when it’s time to change direction and where to go next.

Innovation metrics: figure out which projects to pursue

Successful innovation requires assessing investments – and using metrics to decide whether to keep pursuing an idea or stop.

The changing role of the CIO

Major shifts in technology, customer demands, and employee expectations are substantially reshaping the scope and role of CIOs.

Planet and people

21+ business sustainability questions answered

Answers for common questions about emissions reduction, sustainability reporting, circular economies, and so much more.

The future of sustainable operations

What if sustainability didn’t require special effort? Get ready to roll up your sleeves because we gathered some ways to make green part of your day-to-day operations.

Profitable purpose: the future of business sustainability

Learn how businesses around the globe are considering their impact on the planet in their strategic calculations.

Next tech

What early adopters know about sustainability and profitability

When it comes to sustainability, taking risks on early stage technologies may not be much of a risk at all.

The road to regeneration

Humanity now needs more than one Earth to satisfy its demands for resources – but sustainable, regenerative materials can reverse our overextension of the planet’s capacity.

Augmented reality goes to work on the factory floor

Augmented reality is helping manufacturing workers conduct assembly, repairs, and service quicker and more accurately.

Digital business

What to do when the river doesn’t flow

Near-term and future planning steps supply chain specialists can take when valuable riverways become unreliable.

Evaluating nearshoring? Here are five realities

Decisions about proximate sourcing should factor in costs, available resources, and data-sharing with supply chain partners.

How to build – and benefit from – a supplier diversity program

Enterprises can glean long-lasting value from their diverse supplier initiatives with the right leadership and data metrics.

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