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How to prepare HANA, express edition environment for tutorials

By Daniel Wroblewski

This how-to shows you how to prepare your HANA, express edition for executing the other Tutorials.

Note on SAP HANA, express edition version 2.0 implications on “How-Tos” and “Tutorials”:

The most commonly used instance numbers are 00 and 90. The instance number can be chosen at the time of setup, although the installer from versions SPS00 onwards suggests instance number 90 while the SPS12 version uses 00 as the default instance number and port (3<instance number><15|13>). The following chart summarizes the common default ports:

HANA Express Version Default Instance ID Port
1.0 SP12 00 30015
2.0 SP00 90 39015
2.0 SP01 90 39013

If you are uncertain of the instance number, switch to user hxeadm using command su hxeadm, which will take you to a directory called /usr/sap/HXE/HDBXX, where XX is the instance number.

How-To Details

The HANA, express edition “Tutorials” reference a set of users. This set of instructions assures all required users and passwords are available and correct before attempting the other SAP HANA, express edition Tutorials.

The passwords referred to in the “Tutorials” will not match passwords chosen by the user. For example, any reference to the password "HANARocks2016" or HanaRocks2017 should be replaced by the user provided password (see below).

Step 1: Review system configuration

Review default system configuration for HANA, express edition:

Field Name Value
System Host hxehost
System Instance Number 90 (version 1 SP12 00)
XSA Organization HANAExpress
XSA Space development
ALL passwords (referred to as HANAROCKS2016 or HanaRocks2017in tutorials)

Note : The command xs will only be available if you have installed XS Classic or XS Advanced. The server-only installation as of HANA 2.0 SPS01 version does not bring xs by default.

Step 2: Create user

Create WORKSHOP_01 user for SAP HANA, express edition “How-To” tutorials:

  • Login to HANA as hxeadm (you may need to change system password if not already done) and create WORKSHOP_01 user:

Reminder: version 1.0 SP12 default instance number is 00, in below hdbsql command, replace “90” with “00”.


Only if you have installed XS classic tooling or XS Apps - You will get an error indicating the command has not been found if XS Advanced is not installed:

% sudo su - hxeadm

% xs login -u xsa_admin -p <password>
Step 3: For XS Advanced installation - Add role to XSA

Add XSA “space role” for workshop user in the development space:

% xs set-space-role WORKSHOP_01 HANAExpress development SpaceDeveloper
Step 4: Verify user connection to HANA, express edition

Verify the new WORKSHOP_01 user can connect to HANA, express edition:

% hdbsql -u WORKSHOP_01 -p <password> -d SystemDB -i 90

Expected result:

image 1
Step 5: XS Installation only - Verify user connection to XSA

Verify the WORKSHOP_01 user can connect to XSA:

% xs login -u WORKSHOP_01 -p <password>

Expected result:

image 1

Next Steps

Updated 02/18/2018

Time to Complete

5 Min.




  • Setup: This tutorial provides the details on creating required users for other HANA, express edition “Tutorials”

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