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Mobile Interactive Tutorial

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Mobile Interactive Tutorial is the place to learn the basics about the SAP Mobile SDK and its key concepts through easy, step by step tutorials. Simply select the topic in which you are interested, select the target platform for which you want to develop and you are on the way.


Learn how to implement enterprise grade Authentication with the SAP Mobile SDK


Learn how to generate and upload logs with a few lines of code, to simplify development and operations


Learn how to access enterprise data with the SAP Mobile SDK.


Learn how to add performance and usability with a few lines of code. 

App Update

Learn how the SAP Mobile SDK can enables you to update HTML5 based mobile applications.


Learn how bring real mobility, by reaching the users anytime anywhere with the SAP Mobile SDK

SAP Content to Go

SAP Content to Go allows users to mobilize and publish important business information instantly and take these information ready to hand. Your IT can utilize SAP Content to Go without the need of having a full development cycle for mobile apps.

SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS Assistant

The Assistant is a macOS app that rapidly generates object-oriented Swift proxy classes for OData services, eliminating exposure to low-level APIs. The Assistant also generates mobile service configuration and creates a ready to run Xcode project for iPhone/iPad.
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