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SAP Lumira Community

Explore and visualize your data right on your desktop with Lumira Discovery, build enterprise dashboards for your business users and utilize a Lumira Server for trusted data discovery. Access our knowledge resources here, ask your questions, and share your experience!

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Learning Lumira

Your resources for Learning Discover and Lumira Designer.  Create insightful stories and build professional grade apps and dashboards.

SAP Lumira 2.0 Launch Blog Series

Stay up to date with all the latest blog publications by experts, thought leaders and influencers.


Interested in finding out the latest news about Lumira?  Here is a list of Discover and Designer Webinars and the Twitter hashtag.

SAP Lumira Extensions

Have an idea for that spectacular visualization?  Create a custom visualization, usable in all Lumira clients!  Need a specific feature in your apps?  If it is possible to do it in the web, it is possible to do it in Lumira Designer.  

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