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Customer Snapshot: Overview

300% increased revenue

The fastest-growing beauty brand in the world, MEMEBOX brings top-trending Korean products straight to customers’ doorsteps. With help from YouTube stars and beauty gurus, MEMEBOX aims to help customers feel beautiful and have fun. To meet growing demands, MEMEBOX sought to expand their product offerings to fashion and accessories, open brick and mortar shops, and branch out to China, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. MEMEBOX deployed SAP® S/4HANA to help them expand quickly and efficiently.


US$24 million

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes

Run Simple, Run Live

Seoul, South Korea

Customer Website

Line of Business
Commerce, Finance, Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Application Management , SAP Digital Business Services (DBS), SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP S/4HANA Finance

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Bringing Korean Beauty Products to the Rest of the World

K-beauty is all about next-level ingredients, competitive prices, and adorable packaging that make the pursuit of beauty a blast. With MEMEBOX‘s vast curation of Korea's best beauty products, customers are bound to find something that works flawlessly. And if a customer is ever less than happy with their results, MEMEBOX‘s worry-free 101-day return policy is sure to make anyone smile.

More than just a cosmetics company.

MEMEBOX is pronounced Me-Me-Box

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

High-Tech Shopping Experiences

With a digital-first approach, MEMEBOX aims to provide the best web and mobile app shopping experience possible, changing the face of the beauty industry one smile at a time.


Since most of their employees also fit the company‘s customer profile, MEMEBOX can offer products that are consistently on-trend and perfect for their target demographic. For example, their e-commerce monthly subscription boxes were so successful the company was able to open their first brick-and-mortar store at the Gangnam subway station in Seoul, with plans to open ten more shops within the year.

MEMEBOX is constantly releasing new products for customers to get excited about.

The Challenge

A Stronger Infrastructure for Growth

MEMEBOX has created a strong market for their brand, which is much more than a collection of high-quality beauty products. With strong success across Korea and the Internet, the runway was cleared for growth. However, the company’s IT system required a major upgrade. They needed a solution that would improve inventory accuracy, provide better insight into logistics, and create a foundation for the business to expand.

Enter SAP

A Need for Inventory Visibility ASAP

MEMEBOX needed an immediate solution to stop the steady stream of inventory errors and stock discrepancies. SAP offered a powerful data system with strong warehouse management functionalities in a single platform. Hoping to speed up implementation with faster time-to-value, MEMEBOX saw they could use an SAP best practices approach to cut implementation time and start seeing benefits even more quickly.

SAP could provide quick implementation of a real-time inventory data management system.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Using a Best Model Company Eased the Transition

SAP® S4/HANA proved to be the ideal backbone support for the company’s complete lifecycle. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud allows for quick deployment and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). And, the system would be built on tried and proven practices, creating faster adoption and less risk.

5-month deployment of SAP® S/4HANA

With this stable platform and approach, the Korea team is able to support MEMEBOX in developing innovative business processes using SAP S/4HANA Finance, which is highly valuable as a fast-growing company. We look to SAP as a strategic partner that can guide us toward digital transformation. — Rio Kim, CFO, MEMEBOX Inc.

Better Business

Bringing Beautiful Smiles to More Faces

MEMEBOX has already seen a 300% increase in revenue since the launch of SAP S/4HANA Finance, and customers are enjoying better service and faster delivery times. MEMEBOX now holds a competitive advantage in a larger market with zero lag time in terms of inventory and improved data analysis.

Strong data has the company poised for growth.

Better Business: Benefits

Real-Time Insights

The new system provides on-the-go data access, which has resulted in a 50% increase in sales productivity and has cut the time =for closing in half.


MEMEBOX is enjoying enhanced insight into customer interactions from initial contact through product delivery and beyond. The sales team has real-time visibility into product availability. With inventory accuracy improved by 100%, the lead time for delivery is now 30% shorter.

Sharing information leads to better business.

Journey Ahead

Global Expansion

MEMEBOX is looking to expand the roll out in China and other markets while ensuring the unique personality of their employees remains intact across different cultures. They are also looking to further integrate their new system to enable cross-pollination of data including customer insight solutions and marketing analytics, performance management, and merchandising analytics.

Continuing the transition from online ordering to in-store customer service.

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