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Hyundai Elevator: Optimising the supply chain with a single source of truth

Explore Hyundai Elevator’s journey with SAP

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. relies on a wealth of data from across the business to innovate every day. However, important data insights were siloed in a complex landscape of SAP and third-party systems. To take advantage of powerful data insights on demand, Hyundai Elevator implemented SAP Datasphere and other SAP solutions.

Simplification was our goal. We needed to empower our employees with a single point of access to data and analytics. SAP Datasphere and the integrated SAP Analytics Cloud were perfect for our use case.

Jeansu Byun
IT Innovation Manager
Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd.

The Challenge

Breaking down barriers to data-driven decision-making

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. is a market leader in elevators, escalators, and moving walkways. The company is at the forefront of innovation, having developed the world’s fastest elevator in 2020. It also offers a wide variety of services spanning the installation and maintenance of its products. To continue innovating as a leader in elevators, the company realised it needed to simplify its data landscape. 


The data landscape at Hyundai Elevator was deeply complex, with data siloed in different regions and scattered across flat files, external databases, and a mix of SAP and third-party systems. Most of the company’s different departments and regions relied on their own installations of the SAP ERP application and the SAP Supplier Relationship Management application. 


Without a single source of truth, Hyundai Elevator struggled with unreliable data. Employees didn’t know if the data they relied on for important decision-making was correct or up to date.


“We had a lot of discrepancies,” Jeansu Byun, IT innovation manager at Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd., says. “In some cases, only the subsystem had the up-to-date data without it being updated in the ERP.”


As a work-around, employees asked other departments to send data as Microsoft Excel attachments through e-mail. Once the data was sent – sometimes from multiple departments – employees had to manually merge and process data before beginning analysis.


The laborious request process further cemented departmental data silos. It created error-prone duplicates and delayed new analytics projects. Management also had to contend with data trapped in Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel documents. 


With critical data locked away, it was impossible to get a real-time data overview, which made decision-making difficult for teams across Hyundai Elevator.

Thanks to SAP Business Technology Platform, our data is centralised and easy to access and analyse to achieve rapid business outcomes.

Jeansu Byun
IT Innovation Manager
Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd.

The Solution

Innovating on insights from across the business

Hyundai Elevator chose the SAP HANA Cloud database to support the  solution. Together, they enable a better data strategy. SAP Datasphere simplified Hyundai Elevator’s data landscape by centralising data sources to create a single source of truth. The solution connects to SAP and third-party data sources, third-party tools, and applications.


Hyundai Elevator connected its external data sources, ERP systems, and supplier relationship management (SRM) systems to create one robust data layer in SAP Datasphere. Now, the company can integrate IoT data from its elevators, manufacturing execution systems, and ERPs from overseas subsidiaries. This way, all data models – spanning multiple data sources – can sit in SAP Datasphere for centralised data access.


The company's IT team is now empowered to set up virtual work environments with specific data connections for different departments, including accounting. These spaces provide an isolated environment where business users can model company data or upload and integrate local data, such as CSV files. Meanwhile, business users in the accounting department get self-service access to data. They can also model data themselves using SQL or graphical editors. The business builder feature in SAP Datasphere helps users understand data by representing business entities and relationships with business language.


After modelling data in SAP Datasphere, users can switch over to the integrated SAP Analytics Cloud solution to work on visualisations, analysis, and reporting. Hyundai Elevator has built dashboards that provide users with a better understanding of the supply chain – from orders and sales to maintenance. SAP Analytics Cloud offers intuitive visualisation features built in, so business users can get insights quickly without needing any prior data analysis experience. They can also use the smart insights feature of the solution to uncover trends and insights with the support of machine learning and AI. For management, SAP Analytics Cloud supports real-time dashboards that provide a comprehensive overview of the business to help make better decisions.


Additionally, planning features, such as version management and the value driver tree, help simplify scenario planning with intuitive visualisation and easier organisation-wide collaboration. 

The Result

Empowering employees with game-changing data insights

Hyundai Elevator’s data silos are now gone, thanks to SAP Datasphere.


Business users in the accounting department are empowered with better business insights and quick self-service access to data, so analytics projects can start instantly. Now that SAP Datasphere handles data modelling, projects run faster and no longer bog down the ERP systems.


Dashboards in SAP Analytics Cloud support real-time and data-driven decision-making for management and employees in the field. “We have migrated field business reports to SAP Analytics Cloud as our uniform reporting platform,” Byun says. “This migration saves us time as well as improving our data accuracy and consistency.” With the smart features included in SAP Analytics Cloud, Byun continues, “we expect to get more business insights from the data that we may have missed.”


A unified foundation for data and analytics from SAP empowers Hyundai Elevator to use this data value formula: an end-to-end strategy that combines data volume, quality, and usage to create data value for organisations. SAP Datasphere allows the company to improve the quality of its data, and SAP Analytics Cloud helps employees put that data to use.


Hyundai Elevator achieves agility, business value, and ongoing innovation with SAP Business Technology Platform through integration, data to value, and extensibility of SAP and third-party applications, data, and business processes.

Future Plans

Shaping the future of an industry with intelligent data strategies

Looking forward, Hyundai Elevator will go from 0.5 TB of data currently in SAP Datasphere to 1 TB by the end of the year. The company also plans to take advantage of the in-content network to get quick value from data. Prebuilt business content from SAP includes predefined models to connect and centralise data sources in SAP Datasphere and prebuilt analytics dashboards for SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP helps Hyundai Elevator run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Centralised data across a disparate landscape of ERP, SRM, and other core business systems
  • Provided self-service analytics to employees
  • Eliminated highly manual data-sharing processes dependent on e-mail and spreadsheets
  • Created a single source of truth based on data from SAP, third-party, and other applications and systems

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP HANA Cloud serves as the cloud-based data foundation for SAP Business Technology Platform.
  • SAP Datasphere connects data with business context for data-driven decision-making in real time.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud provides a range of powerful analytics capabilities through software as a service.
  • SAP Business Technology Platform brings together data management, analytics, AI, application development, and integration into one, unified environment.


About Hyundai Elevator

Hyundai Elevator Co. Ltd. develops and manufactures elevators, escalators, and moving walkways that have transformed the industry. The company also offers a wide variety of services that span the installation and maintenance of its products.

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