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Sebastien Dupre

VP Product, SAP Field Service Management

At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.

My joining SAP was rather a coincidence. I was originally part of Coresystems, based in Windisch, Switzerland, which provided mobile and cloud-based field services and workforce management software for field service organizations. Initially, I remember the whole acquisition process as very challenging. We had to provide a large amount of information to SAP, adapt and implement SAP requirements on our products, and continue running our normal business operations as usual. But we felt tremendous support from all our new SAP colleagues and their willingness to welcome us into their big family.

The most obvious advance in our working lives was that we became part of a truly global organization. SAP has a unique vision to disrupt the current business models around service and the way companies deliver service. With a strong ethical and progressive stance, SAP is on the constant search on how to make business run better. In fact, even the mission and vision is to “help the world run better and improve people’s lives”!

Today, I’m the VP Product for the Saas-based SAP Field Service Management solution and I lead a team of about 80 people. We have an end-to-end responsibility for the product development lifecycle, from understanding market & user requirements, to designing, developing, testing, deploying, and operating the product.

For me, working at SAP is exciting. When you see that your contribution has a positive impact on the way our customers are running their businesses, it is a great feeling. One time, I remember watching SAP’s President of Customer Experience as a keynote speaker at SAP CX Live, with other thousands of people. During his presentation, he shared some slides with products developed by my teams! It was so exciting and amazing! I felt an incredible sense of pride and achievement and an affirmation that we now have a unique opportunity to make a much broader impact thanks to our union with SAP.

Nowadays, I try to look at my job as a chance and a challenge, as well as a way to personally develop. It’s important to look at everything in your life as an opportunity – no matter if you fail or succeed. Whether you’re in a position of acquisition or a candidate on his/her careerpath, join us at SAP in a unique journey where you’ll certainly get the empowerment of making a significant global impact.

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