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Improving the Environment

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How SAP helps improve the environment

Climate change touches everyone and will impact the lives of future generations. Whether in rural or urban areas, the need for water, clean energy, and responsible development is key to continued prosperous life on this planet.

Clean Planet & Climate Change

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We are all affected by climate change. For example, energy accounts for approximately 60% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, lowering energy consumption and producing cleaner energy are essential to our well-being. SAP technology is helping our customers make the world more energy efficient, cleaner, and greener for future generations.

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Stara: Connecting People, Plants, and Machines for Sustainable Farming

The “Internet of Things” revolutionized Stara's business of manufacturing agricultural equipment. Now, SAP HANA helps farmers use real-time data so they can apply the exact amount of fertilizer to each individual plant and then analyze results, resulting in increased productivity and less fertilizer usage.

Kaiserswetter: Stopping Climate Change

Energy technology provider Kaiserwetter Energy Asset Management developed its ARISTOTELES platform using SAP Leonardo IoT capabilities and other SAP solutions.

SAP: Integrated Report 2017 Environmental Highlights

SAP uses digitization to help customers combat the impact of climate change by increasing their overall resource productivity and decoupling business operations from carbon outputs. SAP will become carbon neutral by 2025, while running its buildings and data centers on 100% renewable energy and providing its customers with a “green cloud.”

Responsible Growth

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With the world population growing steadily, humanity will need to provide water, food, and shelter to billions of people in the coming years. SAP solutions help optimize resource utilization and minimize waste, supporting the responsible growth practices necessary to ensure the survival of future generations.

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Vectus: Saving Water, Feeding the World

SAP and Vectus tackle the problem of water waste and scarcity in India. A forward thinking company with a state of the art digital core and a network of tech savvy plumbers are helping farmers kill two birds with one stone: save water and feed more people every year.

Vestas: Supporting Global Renewable Energy Demand

With SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales & Service, Vestas is faster in responding to their customer’s needs, servicing them right the first time. By leveraging mobile capabilities to access and update customer information in real time they expect to improve their spare parts business, drive better customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Learn about sustainability at SAP

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Sustainability at SAP

At SAP we believe that improving our sustainability performance gives us insight that will help our customers do the same. We focus on three key metrics: environmental, social and economic. Each is critical as we work to create a sustainable future for SAP, our customers, and society. 

SAP Integrated Report

SAP helps the world run better and improves peoples’ lives through our integrated strategy. Our Integrated Report details our performance and what is material for our sustainable business success.
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