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SAP Women Forward

Welcome to SAP Women Forward

SAP WomenForward is designed to help women realize and celebrate their full potential across businesses, cultures, and communities around the world.  Get a glimpse into our events and hear the perspectives of our participants. 

The power of technology to transform lives

The power of community

Supermodel, entrepreneur, and SAP brand partner Karlie Kloss shares how her scholarship program for young women got its start, the power of a collaborative and supportive community – and her commitment to creating opportunities for women to change their careers and build the technology that’s changing the world. 

Recent highlights

Equal Pay – more than just numbers

April 2nd marked Equal Pay day. Each year this date symbolizes how far into the year women need to work to earn the same as men earned in the previous year.  Find out how we can close the gap and make January 1st Equal Pay Day.

A PowHERful debut

Mixed media artist Markus Sebastino demonstrates the power of art to reach new audiences and inspire and advance the cause of gender equality. Learn more about SAP’s Gallery of Purpose and how this PowHERful piece came to life. 

Join our community

SAP’s Women Forward network brings together professionals in high tech and other industries and those who support women’s issues to help drive awareness, share knowledge, and build skills to succeed in the digital era.

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