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Social and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Aspiring to a world powered by innovative entrepreneurship.

Helping corporate business grow through purpose-driven innovation

Social and inclusive entrepreneurship is the fabric of economic growth and the engine of humanitarian and environmental impact. With humanitarian missions and minority business at their core, social entrepreneurs enable corporates to pull levers in order to enact social change and leadership. 

Achieving a better kind of growth by partnering with social enterprises to marry profit with social impact.

To support this shift in how we think about success, growth, and profits, we’ve established a platform called One Billion Lives dedicated to bringing corporates, social entrepreneurs, consumers, and governments together to help scale the social entrepreneurship movement across the world. 

Nonprofit partnerships and inclusive entrepreneurship

For more than a decade, SAP has been establishing trust and building capacity for social enterprises, from inspiring early-stage innovation and new ventures with partners like We Are Family Foundation, to accelerating and scaling mature social enterprises.

View Social Entrepreneurship sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW 2020

Finding the silver lining

Shiza Shahid, Co-Founder & Founding CEO of Malala Fund, and Juergen Mueller, Board Member & CTO, SAP, shed light on current global events as an opportunity to rethink, reflect, and redesign. Shiza speaks about uncovering the inequities our world has revealed and explains how we must show up in moments like these and work to find the silver lining with the cards we are dealt.

Delivering meaningful impact with our SAP Purpose Network of customers and partners

One billion lives against COVID-19

As we help governments, customers, and partners cope with the COVID-19 crisis, we marshal our individual and collective expertise to fight COVID-19 through our flagship social intrapreneurship program: SAP One Billion Lives.

Advancing social enterprise with big business

The SAP ecosystem of partners – including for and not-for-profit organizations – can provide social entrepreneurs with new business opportunities and markets.

Growing creators through chaos

Diverse crisis conditions, while disruptive, inspire rapid and important changes on a global scale. The SAP.iO program has been delving deep to support startups that can help businesses and the world adapt.

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Looking to positively impact one billion lives

The SAP One Billion Lives social entrepreneurship initiative helps solve the world’s biggest problems through the best SAP has to offer: our people, technology, and resources.

Helping innovators become wildly successful

SAP.iO helps innovative entrepreneurs build products, find customers, and change industries. 

See how SAP’s social entrepreneurship activities are aligned to the U.N. Global Goals

SDG #8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

By focusing on ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow have access to the skills needed to thrive in a digital economy, we aspire to full and productive employment and decent work for all.

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