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When COVID hit Mexico and forced shelter in place policies, educational institutions had to pivot their in-person classrooms to a high-quality, virtual student experience...quickly. In less than a week, Tec de Monterrey turned a challenge into an opportunity, in a speedy fashion, by leveraging the existing digital infrastructure its 10,000 professors were already using through SAP SuccessFactors to meaningfully engage the 150,000+ students who had gone remote overnight. By checking the students’ pulse through SAP Qualtrics on a weekly basis, Tec de Monterrey secured the integrity of the academic content they continued to deliver while ensuring a great student experience – and keeping graduations on target.

In just one week, SAP’s connectivity allowed us to keep nearly all of our 150,000 students pursuing their degrees, taking more than 55,000 weekly sessions.

Victor Gutierrez, Rector of Operations
Tec de Monterrey 

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