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Goodr is a startup tackling hunger by connecting sources of surplus food with those in need, such as shelters and food pantries. To help communities in need at this time, Goodr has introduced COVID-19 Emergency Support, including an emergency one-time pick-up request option for businesses looking to donate surplus food to a local nonprofit, as well as opportunities to sponsor deliveries to those who are less fortunate.

Over the past few months, I’ve experienced a shift not in my purpose but in my actions. I went from working out of my office at my desk to now working in the field every day. My work during COVID has opened my eyes to the plight faced by millions during this time, people are experiencing hunger that have never experienced it before and it’s heartbreaking. This time has unveiled to many that hunger can happen to anyone and that more work must be done to address it. I’m thankful that Goodr is among those doing the work.

Jasmine Crowe, CEO, Goodr

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