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Employees and teams across the company have engaged in purposeful ways to respond to the current crisis and show how living the purpose goes beyond revenue and profit. Focusing on mental health, well-being, skilled workforces, and promotion of social and inclusive entrepreneurship, our purpose does not only meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), but also allows for taking care of the people we care for most. 

Among others, SAP employees in the Nordics and the UK have developed various ideas on how to support each other during the pandemic – as colleagues, customers, partners, or volunteers for people in need. Whether for internal, local, or international use, their help as well as their creativity knew no boundaries. One example of the efforts of a motivated employee who was driven by the urge to strengthen his local community is Mark French, who drew from his experience and technical know-how to set up a website that connects people in need with supporting neighbors and volunteers.


Thanks to, every resident can either sign up easily for help or participate to provide help by collecting prescriptions, do essential shopping, or providing telephone support and information. 

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