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To meet the world’s growing demand for energy, and as the largest gas transportation company in Latin America, TGS needed a rapid response to keep employees healthy during COVID-19. At the onset of the pandemic, leaders at TGS began tracking which of the company’s approximately 1,100 employees had recently traveled, and other key data such as health conditions that could put an employee at high risk for COVID-19, as well as any illnesses that could be mistaken for the virus such as the common cold. As the situation worsened worldwide, TGS needed a way to provide decision-makers across the business with swift access to these insights. TGS used the EC extension for SAP SuccessFactors free offering, while also making some of their own adaptations to that extension, to empower managers and other team leaders to make safe, informed decisions regarding employees based on key risk factors. 

To protect our workforce and business, we need to be able to act fast. Real-time data on the health of all our employees makes that possible.

Julián Cukier, Head of Operational Health


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