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Helping each other run better. Together.

At SAP, we believe innovators rise in times of crisis. As we unite around the world to show gratitude for healthcare professionals and all essential workers, we would also like to applaud the SAP Purpose Network: our network of customers and partners leading with purpose during these times. Their efforts of humanity, empathy, and resilience remind us of why we exist in this world. Our solutions and services are simply an enabler for them to innovate in ways none of us had ever envisioned.

Especially now. Thank you.


The core of what SAP delivers – running the world’s most critical business processes – has never been more essential than in this current moment. Our full focus is on supporting you through this crisis and beyond.

Christian Klein
Chief Executive Officer, SAP

Physically distanced. Emotionally connected.

We invite you to explore this gallery of stories about our customers and partners. They are shining examples of how to lead with purpose during this period of uncertainty.

Passion for Purpose

While this year has presented a true test of our resolve and fortitude at every turn, it is part of our DNA at SAP to always pursue our purpose of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives – both inside and outside the (now virtual) walls of SAP. Within our global community are many individuals who embody this purpose and are true catalysts for positive change – and we want to share their stories. 

Join SAP Global Chief Marketing Officer Alicia Tillman for “Passion for Purpose,” a new interview series in which she meets virtually with SAP employees from all over the world who have gone above and beyond in their communities to help those in need. From moonlighting as a nurse, organizing hundreds of volunteers to ensure community needs are met, distributing fresh produce, and raising awareness of proper safety measures, tune in for a weekly dose of positivity and inspiration.

Tarek Dalloul

Based in Beirut, Lebanon, and having lived and worked in developing markets for years, Tarek was no stranger to quarantine-like conditions when pandemic-related lockdowns began and quickly sprang into action to keep his teams connected and motivated.  

Susanne Wilke

Susanne was inspired at a young age to become involved in volunteer service and has been doing so her whole life; she plays an active role in the town SAP calls home, Walldorf, Germany, to give back to the community through various organizations and social efforts.

Dina-Vera Schmittknecht

Dina-Vera has shared many special moments in her life with border collies and now dedicates much of her free time volunteering with Border Collie Rescue South Africa to help rescue and find them forever homes.

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