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Protecting the Planet

Climate change touches everyone and will impact the lives of future generations. Whether in rural or urban areas, the need for water, clean energy, and the move to an inclusive, circular economy is key to protecting our planet, its species, and our prosperity.

Circular economy and climate action

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis. New circular models and CO2 tracking can unlock $4.5 trillion in growth, reduce CO2 by 45%, and reduce waste by 90%. Find out how the global reach of our products, programs, partnerships, and people can enable organizations to achieve responsible business practices, processes, and emissions – at scale.

Supporting UN global goals

See how SAP's circular economy and climate action initiatives tie in with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG #12: Responsible Consumption and Production

See how SAP is enabling responsible business practices and processes in a circular economy. 

SDG #13 Climate Action

See how SAP is enabling intelligent enterprises with transparency into the climate impact of their inputs, products, and operations to achieve responsible emissions. 

2019 Integrated Report

The SAP Integrated Report shows how sustainability integrates into our core business, presenting our financial and non-financial performance in one integrated report for greater insight into our overall performance.

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