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Climate Action 

Aspiring to a world with responsible emissions.

Helping businesses manage their green line

SAP enables organizations to go beyond measuring top and bottom-line results to include a new dimension of success – a green line, helping companies minimize the greenhouse gas footprint of their products.

Managing the “green line” to address climate action

The pandemic has shown that local action has global consequences, emphasizing the important role of business in accelerating sustainable business practices. To drive the transition to a low-carbon, circular economy, a third foundation of business – sustainability – considers financial, economic, environmental, and social impacts to steer a company holistically for a competitive advantage.

Tackling the challenge of the 21st century together

SAP has launched the Climate 21 program to build analytical and transactional capabilities into our enterprise applications that can help our customers understand and minimize the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of their products and operations along their value chains. 

View Climate Action sessions at SAPPHIRE NOW 2020

Ensuring agility and resilience in times of change with enterprise software

Join Thomas Saueressig, member of the SAP Executive Board and head of SAP Product Engineering, to hear how SAP and our customers are tackling short-term challenges while planning for long-term success. Amid the pandemic, climate change, and unforeseen disruptions, agile companies are resilient companies. 

How to turn our biggest challenges into our greatest opportunities

Steering your company through the new reality might seem like a daunting task, leaving you with little choice but to adapt and adjust. The good news: This can also be the chance to set a new course. Join SAP CEO Christian Klein and special guests to learn how to lead your organization through economic recovery and beyond.

Delivering meaningful impact with our SAP Purpose Network of customers and partners

How businesses can accelerate technology for sustainable impact

Global business drives global production and consumption, leading to increasingly high standards of living — but at what expense to future generations and our planet?

SAP employees unite to eliminate single-use plastics

Eliminating single-use plastics has united SAP employees around the world with a common goal, enact Climate Action.

Together With Nature

SAP is now an official signatory of the four Together With Nature Principles for Nature-Based Solutions to combat the climate, health & biodiversity crises. 

From Vine To Table: Blockchain enters the food chain

Remember those berries you just bought? Soon, you’ll be able to trace them all the way back to where they were harvested -- and have proof of the grower’s sustainability practices. Naturipe is working to implement blockchain to help export fresh fruit faster.

Our decade of delivery for climate

Embedding an enterprise-wide approach to CO2, SAP will help accelerate the pace of change needed to make an immediate and positive impact to a sustainable path by helping businesses gain transparency and awareness to act now and be a catalyst for action at scale.

Reducing carbon footprint to ensure the future food chain

To ensure the future food chain and with a clear vision on climate, Döhler began their journey to digitization to understand the negative effect of supply chain emissions starting with tracing them to their roots with a model aimed towards sustainability. 

TripIt Update: Your flight’s carbon footprint, at your fingertips

Tripit is helping frequent travelers who want to better understand — and act upon — their carbon footprint by providing practical ideas on how to reduce or offset their environmental impact.

FRoSTA is driving digital transformation and sustainability with a cool head

FRoSTA is digitizing and driving new value from a transparent supply chain giving visibility to customers of ingredients across the entire supply chain and their carbon footprint.

SAP launches carbon emissions accounting system to address climate change

SAP launches a carbon emissions accounting system with the goal to support enterprises to manage their “green line” and reduce the carbon footprint by providing transparency across the entire value chain.

Honeywell and SAP partner to improve building performance

Honeywell and SAP have teamed up to deliver a solution for the real estate industry that optimizes their operations and tenant experience while meeting aggressive energy savings targets that substantially reduce maintenance hours and operating costs.

SAP to help customers track their greenhouse gas emissions

The current COVID-19 pandemic could mark a turning point in progress on climate change as it has moved to the top of the CEO agenda with a push for action towards a sustainable recovery.

SAP joins CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge

SAP commits to helping businesses use innovative technology to achieve their most ambitious climate goals by joining the CEO Carbon Neutral Challenge and take responsible actions that make a positive difference.

Taking action: What SAP is doing to address climate change

To combat the damage caused by climate change, SAP is using digitalization to help not only our customers reduce carbon outputs but also applying these internally with the shared goal to collectively contribute to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action.

Measuring CO2 and managing the carbon footprint across the entire value chain

Andreas Klein, Döhler CEO, shares its sustainability digital journey with SAP and how our aligned purpose drove the partnership.

See how SAP’s climate action activities are aligned to the U.N. Global Goals

SDG #13: Climate Action

See how SAP is enabling intelligent enterprises with transparency into the climate impact of their inputs, products, and operations to achieve responsible emissions. 

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