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Protecting and preserving our future

Climate change touches everyone and will impact the lives of future generations. Whether in rural or urban areas, the need for water, clean energy, and responsible development is key to protecting our planet, its species, and our prosperity.

Best-Run businesses make a world of difference

Turning air into opportunities

The planet is in dire need of sustainable energy – yet only a small percentage of global electricity comes from wind power. A major wind turbine company is working with SAP to help power-up that percentage.

Transforming elephant and rhino conservation

Poaching of elephants and rhinos is at an all-time high in South Africa. See how a forward-looking nonprofit partnered with SAP to tackle this complicated problem from all sides.

Saving every last drop

Water scarcity is creating the worst-ever crisis conditions across much of India. A pioneering manufacturer joined forces with SAP to confront this potential national disaster.

Supporting UN global goals

SAP supports the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is working to end poverty, protect the planet, fight diseases, and ensure prosperity for all. Explore our web book or spin SAP's interactive wheel to see how SAP solutions, customers, and partners contribute to the UN Goals.

2019 Integrated Report

The SAP Integrated Report shows how sustainability integrates into our core business, presenting our financial and non-financial performance in one integrated report for greater insight into our overall performance.

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