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Join Us for SAP Purpose Network Live

A virtual platform, consisting of talks and networking opportunities, where SAP subject matter experts come together with our global ecosystem to address solutions to pressing global issues. 

Powering economic prosperity

Economic improvement goes beyond revenue growth. It includes providing meaningful work for everyone – and creating prosperity by ending poverty, hunger, and exclusion. 

Best-Run businesses make a world of difference

Intelligently feeding the world

Hundreds of millions of people are living in hunger. Now, a progressive agricultural equipment manufacturer has teamed with SAP to address the future of the world’s food supply.

Banking power to the people

Millions of people in rural Latin America are without bank accounts and must rely on riskier ways to manage their money. A bank driven by compassion and hope is changing that, using mobile technology from SAP. drives inclusive entrepreneurship

SAP.iO is helping the next wave of enterprise software innovators – both inside and outside SAP – build products, find customers, and change industries.  Our No Boundaries program is committed to changing the status quo by investing up to 40 percent of SAP.iO investment capital with women and minority entrepreneurs, and scaling to drive inclusive entrepreneurship globally. 

SAP Next-Gen fosters innovation

SAP Next-Gen connects companies and citizens from around the world to academic leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, partners, investors, futurists, social activists, government leaders, and SAP experts to drive innovation and change.

Sustainability is key to business

2019 Integrated Report

The SAP Integrated Report shows how sustainability integrates into our core business, presenting our financial and non-financial performance in one integrated report for greater insight into our overall performance.

17 global goals for a sustainable future

See how SAP is driving economic growth and improving lives on a global scale through our support of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals.

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