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Andreas Hahn

Product Expert, IoT-Standards

Member of the following Supervisory Board Committees: General and Compensation Committee, Technology and Strategy Committee

Andreas Hahn joined SAP as a working student in 1992 while studying mathematics and information technology at the University of Mannheim. He worked in the Communications Media department until 1997, during which time he drove the rollout of multimedia and helped establish SAP's first Internet presence. Following a brief stint in internal system development, he transferred to the SAP LinuxLab in 1999, where he was in charge of numerous development projects and trade fair appearances. In 2003, Andreas was appointed to a strategic in-memory development project, which eventually became part of SAP HANA. He later went on to become the technology coordinator for open source software in the Global Open Source Office in 2005, and thereafter joined the Central Technology Strategy Team in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer. He is currently a product expert for industry standards and open-source software development.

Andreas has been a member of the Works Council of SAP SE since 2006. In 2009, he co-founded the ver.di union site group at SAP and has been a member of its Executive Board ever since. 

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