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SAP’s Impact


How does software positively impact sustainability? When customers use SAP solutions to become more transparent, improve energy efficiency, protect workers from accidents, or address risks in their supply chain, they turn sustainability into concrete actions that benefit workers, communities, the environment, and people throughout the world.


Software and solutions for sustainability

Our software and services help our customers integrate sustainability into their strategies and operations, increasing their profitability and creating positive change. We help companies save energy and resources, keep toxic chemicals out of a child's toy, reduce factory accidents, and more.

How SAP's purpose impacts the world

SAP's technology and people help our customers address the world’s biggest issues. Visit the SAP Purpose & Promise website to see how our solutions help people, businesses, and institutions achieve economic development, social progress, and environmental impact.

Sustainability through digital transformation

Digital transformation is critical as companies seek to become more sustainable to survive. Our free openSAP online courses show how IT and digital technologies help create positive economic, social, and environmental  impact... improving your business and transforming industries.


SAP Integrated Report

The SAP Integrated Report shows how sustainability integrates into our core business, presenting our financial and non-financial performance in one integrated report for greater insight into our overall performance. 

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