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SAP Security, Data Protection, and Privacy

At SAP, information security is paramount. We have an excellent track record of safeguarding businesses against the evolving IT threat landscape. You can rest assured that your mission-critical data is well-protected from all types of attacks – whether you store it on-premise or on the SAP Cloud. Take advantage of robust data and IT security, built-in application security, cloud security, and more.

Get an executive overview of Security at SAP

Explore the world of SAP security, data protection, and privacy


Security Response

SAP is committed to identifying and addressing any security issues in SAP software before these vulnerabilities can be exploited. Collaborating closely with security research companies and experts worldwide helps SAP identify vulnerabilities early to keep SAP software secure.  

IT Security

Securing a technological environment requires profound attention to people, processes, and technology. Read how you can innovate and operate confidently, knowing that your critical systems have security built into them from the start.

Our customers expect ironclad information security for their on-premise, cloud, and mobile environments. For this reason, we work continuously to strengthen and improve security features in all of our software and service offerings as well as to protect our own company and assets.
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Security Recommendations: A Practical Guide for Securing SAP Solutions

Business Continuity

SAP maintains a management framework for Business Continuity and Operational Resilience. This enables us to respond as an organization to disruptive incidents in order to minimize the impact on our business operations. In preparation we follow a resource-based and all-hazard planning approach which shall enable the organization to handle all types of known and unknown disruptive incident situations.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

As a global company, SAP is exposed to a broad range of risks across our business operations. To ensure that our global risk management efforts are effective while also enabling us to aggregate risks and report on them transparently, we have adopted an integrated risk management and internal control approach. In addition, we have a governance model in place across risk management and the internal control system to ensure both systems are effective, as well as a central software solution to store, maintain, and report all risk-relevant information.


Cyber Crime is a persistent and growing challenge in today’s digital economy. SAP Cyber Security protects SAP and our Cloud Customers by proactive, preventative and analytic controls and measures incl. threat & vulnerability detection, continuous security monitoring, and 24*7 security response management to protect from cyber-attacks from both inside and outside the organization.

People Security

We’re on a mission to create a “human firewall" at SAP. Through awareness campaigns and an award-winning e-learning solution, we develop employee security knowledge, teach them how to protect information, and provide updates on the changing threat landscape.

Data Protection 

SAP adheres to a global data protection policy that is not only designed to secure the privacy rights of employees, customers, prospects, and partners – but also of anyone whose data is processed by SAP and falls within the legal parameters of SAP or our customers.  


As security is in the vital interest of anyone who is using SAP products to run critical business processes and to store and process sensitive data, secure products are a prerequisite. SAP addresses security in all phases of the software development lifecycle for security to be effective. Consequently, SAP has implemented a secure software development lifecycle (secure SDL), providing a framework for training, tools, and processes. The official ISO/IEC 27034 standard provides the guidelines for SAP to shape the secure SDL. In addition, SAP’s approach to product security aims at measures that enable early identification of vulnerabilities and attacks as well as mature processes and an organizational setup to manage security incidents and react to emergencies.  


Data Protection and Privacy

SAP adheres to a global data protection policy that is not only designed to secure the privacy rights of employees, customers, prospects, and partners – but also of anyone whose data is processed by SAP and falls within the legal parameters of SAP or our customers.  

SAP HANA Platform Security

Protecting corporate information is one of the most important topics for SAP HANA customers. SAP helps you to meet the ever increasing cyber-security challenges, keep systems secure, and stay on top of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Security Source Code Scanning

Prevention is better than cure. At SAP, automated source code scans help to detect and eliminate security flaws at an early stage in the development cycle. Customers can use the same source code scan tools as SAP to make their own software developments more secure.

Security Validation

Perform independent final security assessments on SAP and partner solution from a customer’s point of view and assess product security quality and integration aspects of security under real-world conditions.

SAP Cloud Trust Center

Why is SAP’s cloud security among the very best in the industry? Because we build security into every layer of our cloud offerings and work continuously to stay ahead of the latest threats. Learn more in the SAP Cloud Trust Center and view live your personalized cloud services status.

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