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SAP Quality Awards

Celebrating customer excellence in

 software implementations

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The prestigious SAP Quality Awards celebrate and recognize customers who have excelled in the implementation of their SAP software solutions by using SAP's ten quality principles to:

  • Effectively plan, execute and manage their implementations
  • Achieve fast, low-cost implementations – and meet today’s demand for rapid time to value
  • Simplify business processes and deliver significant business benefits to their organization

Submission guidelines

The submission period for 2018 nominations is now open. Please check the timeline for closing dates in the market units. SAP customers must submit their nomination online to be eligible.

After nomination period closure, shortlisted customers will be invited to present their project in a 45 minute webcast session to an independent judging panel.
In Europe, Middle East and Africa once the local winners are found, the Gold winners automatically qualify for the regional program. The award finalists present their projects to a regional external judging panel who select the overall regional winners across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Find out which of the award categories best fits your implementation profile.

All SAP customers with successful implementations of any SAP product can submit a nomination for the SAP Quality Awards as long as they have gone live and been in productive use between two and eighteen months prior to submission.  The project size, duration and effort as well as the solution(s) in scope should be considered in order to determine the most appropriate category.

Fast Delivery Category

Two of the three criteria should be met in order to apply in this category:

  • There are fewer than 600 users, including self-service users, on the system.
  • The project lasted 7 calendar months or less from kickoff to first significant go-live.
  • The estimated implementation effort for the project used fewer than 1000 person days, including external consulting days and the customer's time (excluding time for end-user training).*

Business Transformation Category

Two of the three criteria should be met in order to apply in this category:

  • There are more than 500 users, including self-service users, on the system.
  • The project lasted 6 calendar months or more from kickoff to first significant go-live.
  • The estimated implementation effort for the project used more than 900 person days, including external consulting days and the customer's time (excluding time for end-user training).*

Innovation Category

Innovation projects must involve innovative functional use in line with SAP’s strategy and / or innovative deployment of SAP software.

* Estimated Effort Sample Calculations: This metric is calculated by multiplying the number of implementation days by the number of full-time equivalent resources. Examples: 

  • An implementation with a 3-month duration using 3 full-time and 4 half-time resources: (3 x 20 working days) x [(3 people x 100%) + (4 people x 50%)] = 300 person days 
  • An implementation with a 9-month duration using 6 full-time and 8 half-time resources: (9 x 20 working days) x ([6 people x 100%] + [8 people x 50%]) = 1,800 person days

If your organization is based in or has been served by one of the following SAP market units / geographies, you can apply for the SAP Quality Awards.

Questions on which market unit to apply in? Send us an email.




Belgium and Luxembourg

Central and Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Montenegro)

C.I.S. (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan)



Greece, Cyprus and Malta



Middle East and North Africa (Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, New-Palestine, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen)


Nordic and Baltic countries (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, and Sweden)

Portugal and Spain



United Kingdom and Ireland

United States of America


General entry and evaluation criteria

In addition to the implementation profile for each award category and the general entry criteria, please consider the evaluation criteria below as you complete your nomination. 


To gain the highest score possible, please be sure to answer all questions so that the judging panel can evaluate your application

You may attach supporting documentation that demonstrates your quality approach (including extracts of lessons learned, review documents, and success stories) in the last step of the online form

If your nomination is shortlisted, you will be asked to present your project to a local judging panel using a predefined template


Entry and Evaluation Criteria for 2018

Project Entry Criteria
  • The SAP Quality Awards are open to all organizations with successful implementations of any SAP product.
  • The SAP implementation must have gone live and be actively used by the business or organization between 2 and 18 months before the award submission.
  • The implementation must include products from SAP’s solution portfolio where business users are impacted, whether implemented On Premise or in the Cloud.
  • Only projects that have not been nominated for the SAP Quality Awards in previous years are eligible.
  • Customers must be served by an SAP market unit.
  • Only customers can apply. Implementation partners cannot apply on behalf of customers.
  • Customers can apply in several categories, provided the entries are for different SAP projects.
  • Each nomination may only be submitted in one SAP market unit. The market unit that usually serves the customer or the main location for the implementation is most appropriate.
  • Applicants must be available for follow-up phone calls and potentially for a visit, if required during the evaluation process.
  • Winners must be available for interviews and press activities supporting the award events.
  • All answers on the questionnaire must be completed in English.
  • Changes to the applications will not be accepted after the submission deadline set by the market unit in which the nomination is submitted.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Adherence to quality principles: How does your nominated project address SAP's 10 quality principles? Applicants should demonstrate how these principles of quality have been realized, including the key performance indicators used. Guidelines on what to include have been provided for all 10 quality principles in the questionnaire.

Learn about SAP’s 10 quality principles

  • Time and cost of implementation: What project initiatives were employed to reduce total cost of implementation (TCI), total cost of ownership (TCO), and implementation time?
  • Business benefits: What business benefits have been achieved as a result of the implementation?
  • Completeness of answers: All questions must be answered (in English) to achieve the highest possible score.
  • Conciseness of answers: Answers should be as precise as possible with focus on how quality excellence was achieved in each area.

The nomination period for 2018 is now open and key dates for each SAP market unit are listed below. Once the submission period is closed in an SAP market unit, the shortlisted candidates are contacted to schedule a 45 minute webcast of the project with a judging panel which, together with the completed nomination form, will be evaluated to determine the winners.

When all 2018 SAP market unit winners in Europe, Middle East and Africa have been announced, the Gold winners will automatically proceed to the regional SAP Quality Awards. Shortlisting among the Gold winners will take place in January 2019 and the finalists will present to an external judging panel in February 2019. The regional winners will be invited to attend the regional award ceremony in Q2 2019.

Market Unit  
Nomination period
Shortlisted candidates present nominated project  
SAP Quality Awards
March 7
March 2018
April 26
April 26
March 2
March 5 - 23
April 25
April 25
Belgium and Luxemburg  
August 24
September 18-20
October 2
October 2
Central and Eastern Europe  
May 25
June 11 - 22
June 25
March 2
April 1
April 1
October 12
October 15-18
October 22
November 15
October 5
Oct. 22 - Nov. 9
November 13
December 7
Greece and Cyprus  
July 31
November 10
November 30
Q4 2018
September 15
Sept. 18 - Oct. 6
October 18
October 18
Middle East and North Africa  
October 25
Q4 2018
Q1 2019
Q1/Q2 2019
August 27
September 11-13
October 2
October 2
Nordic and Baltic countries  
September 10
Sept. 24 - Oct. 5
October 10
October 25
September 14
October 8-19
October 25
September 14
October 8-19
October 25
January 12
January 15-18
Jan. 29 - Feb. 09
March 6 or 7
July 13
September 5-12
September 28
October 25
United Kingdom and Ireland  
September 21
October 10 - 15
October 16
November 7
Regional Awards in Europe, Middle East & Africa  
Regional finalists selected from the SAP market unit Gold winners
February 4 - 21, 2019​
April 3, 2019
April 3, 2019


Winner benefits and prizes

Quality award winners
(©Carina Kircher Fotografie)
SAP Quality Award Winner Benefits
  • Gain recognition within their own organization for best-in-class project excellence
  • Gain recognition in the SAP community as a thought leader for implementation best practices and collaboration around quality
  • Ease financing for future IT projects
  • Will be celebrated in external announcements and participate in press activities with their local SAP market unit  
  • Have the opportunity to attend the SAP Quality Award ceremony
  • Receive an SAP Quality Award winner logo for use on the winning organization’s website and in external communications
  • Receive an SAP Quality Awards winner plaque
  • In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Market Unit Gold Winners also automatically qualify for entry to the regional SAP Quality Awards
Hear from SAP Quality Award Winners

“With this kind of award there’s an important message for the company that IT is about more than technology.”
Paolo Pennisi, Director Ferrero S.p.A., Italy
2015 Regional Bronze Winner

“The award is a great honour for the project team after 6 months of hard but innovative work in project. It proves that we should always try to seek new ways and different approaches to ensure project success.”
Rafal Zbiróg, CIO PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A., Poland
2016 CEE Gold Winner

“This Award is a great acknowledgement to each and every members of the project team for a year of hard work. We are very proud that this project is recognized not only in Hungary but also internationally.”
Csaba Janiga, Project Lead, Magyar Kozut, Hungary,
2016 CEE Gold Winner

"I am extremely proud of this award. Due to the close and smooth cooperation between Bleckmann and SAP, we managed to implement the new software platform in a record time.“
Johan Milliau, CEO Bleckmann
2016 Belgium and Luxembourg Gold Winner

“The SAP Quality Award facilitates networking with other business leaders, is a competitive advantage and makes it easier to collaborate with business partners”
Volker Rommel, Global Head of Business Applications & SAP Competence Center, Interroll Group
2014 and 2016 Swiss Gold Award Winner

“This award is a justification of our efforts, and recognition that our team has been doing a great job. The whole company and the project team are very proud of winning this award!”
Robert Friebert, CFO of KNYKK, Hungary, 2016 CEE Gold Winner

“If you think about all of the hard work that we´ve put into this to be recognized by SAP and to be recognized by the external judges. It´s just amazing.” 
Louisa Porter, Manager HR Business Operations, Tata Steel Europe, UK
2016 UKI Gold Winner

“This recognition, all the effort that we went into during the project, all the late nights and the stress was rewarded with this. We´re really happy to get the award. It means the world for us.”
Mumbua Giati, Senior Manager, Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Ltd., Kenya
2016 Africa Gold Winner

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