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SAP Future Factory & Future Retail Center

The SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) Future Factory and Future Retail Center explore how key technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, machine learning, mobility, virtual reality, and big data analytics can drive digital transformation within these two multidimensional domains. Unique to COIL, these two centers bring together SAP, partners, and customers in the SAP ecosystem in support of co-innovation projects focused on shaping the future of global manufacturing and retail. The centers showcase the project results and offer guided tours to interested customers and partners. 

SAP Future Factory

Managed by the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, the Future Factory is a joint effort between SAP and industrial partners to foster co-innovation, research, and development for the manufacturing industry. Using a real-world setting, the Future Factory in Dresden presents leading-edge software and hardware with different scenarios, SAP products, and prototypes in a typical discrete manufacturing environment. Several use cases demonstrate the potential for information technology to optimize manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations. With more than 20 partners, including large, midsize, and small companies, the Future Factory constitutes a heterogeneous and strong ecosystem of market and technology leaders.

The Future Factory is currently focused on the following areas of co-innovation:

  • Digital Factory
    Gaining full transparency and insight into all manufacturing processes is a premise for continuous improvement. The Future Factory addresses the challenges around data acquisition, system integration, and visualization.

  • Collaboration
    Collaboration within and across enterprise boundaries is becoming increasingly important as value creation is more and more distributed. The usage of mobile devices enables an easy and fast way to access relevant data and information along the whole supply chain.

  • Machine-to-Machine Communication (M2M)
    Machine-to-Machine communication allows the access of device, process and environmental information in real time. Therefore, it creates an essential basis for decisions making as well as an improved and optimized activator for business processes.

SAP Future Factory
Chemnitzer Straße 48
01187 Dresden

SAP Future Retail Center

The SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) and Future Retail Center (FRC) work together to excite, motivate, and enable innovation teams spanning SAP and its ecosystem of IoT and retail-focused partners. Its aim is to provide the right environment to make co-innovation project work successful. Using project-based co-innovation, its many project outcomes are meant to validate and contribute to efforts outside of the FRC to bring co-innovated products/solutions to market. At the FRC, an innovation team can get to work focusing on its prime problem-solving objectives while COIL and FRC ensure the right compute, storage and network resources are accessible to the team. The Future Retail Center is located near Zurich, Switzerland.

The path to becoming all digital is different for every organization. The Future Retail Center (FRC) is a place that works to inspire and contribute to the ideation phase of the project. It is able to replicate and recreate real-world retail use cases and can often make it possible to provide hardware and software not unlike real world IT environments; something of high value to project teams needing to get everything right. The FRC is actively involved in developing technology projects relative to many of the greater trends occurring in retail:

  • AR/VR/mixed reality
  • Heatmapping
  • Location-based services
  • Smart shelves
  • Personalized promotions
  • Mobile loyalty, couponing, and payment
  • Omnichannel
  • IoT Technologies (ESL, digital signages, WLAN, iBeacons, cameras, RFID, light, etc.)

SAP Future Retail Center

Althardstrasse 80
8105 Regensdorf

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SAP Co-Innovation Lab

The global SAP Co-Innovation Lab (COIL) network facilitates project-based co-innovation with its members, enhancing the capabilities of SAP's partner and customer ecosystem through a worldwide network of expertise and best-in-class technologies and platforms.
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