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Fuel innovation at your university with SAP Next-Gen

Partner with SAP Next-Gen Chapters at globally leading universities to accelerate “innovation with purpose” in classrooms and with industry partners. 

Set up your own SAP Next-Gen Lab to showcase student startups with corporations seeking to seed in disruptive innovation, educate industry partners with skills for digital futures, and connect students with companies recruiting next-generation leaders.

Chapter locations

SAP Next-Gen Chapters have opened in North America, Latin America, Greater China, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) and Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Is your university or university partner a SAP Next-Gen Chapter? 

SAP Next-Gen Labs at universities

Connect students, researchers, and startups with SAP customers and partners to develop new technology innovations that are linked to the 17 UN Global Goals. By setting up your own SAP Next-Gen Lab, you can open your campus for industry collaboration with SAP’s ecosystem of more than 425,000 customers across 25 industries and 7 lines of business in more than 180 countries.

Universities that open an SAP Next-Gen Lab or hub have the opportunity to:

  • Open new channels to share thought leadership and collaborate with other thought leaders in academia and industry on the technologies and innovation methodologies driving the digital transformation of industries and experience management
  • Educate students with knowledge and skills for digital futures
  • Connect companies recruiting next-generation leaders with students and graduates who have digital transformation knowledge and skills
  • Showcase startups with corporates seeking to seed in disruptive innovation
  • Conduct SAP Next-Gen projects which may include industry partners*
* Software access will depend on the use case.

Explore SAP Next-Gen Labs and hubs at campuses, partners and SAP locations

SAP Next-Gen Labs and hubs are opening around the world. Learn about some of the locations now available in your region:

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Get connected

Explore setting up a SAP Next-Gen Lab at your university

Get on the path to purpose driven innovation linked to the UN Global Goals together with SAP by setting up a SAP Next-Gen Lab at your university. Contact us to learn more.

Connect with educational institutions

SAP University Alliances partners with academia globally to prepare the talent of the future for the SAP ecosystem. The global program enables faculty and teachers to educate next generation talents for the intelligent enterprise and experience management, gain SAP skills, engage with SAP events, build industry partnerships, launch graduates in the SAP ecosystem, empower the digital university, and inspire young thinkers.

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