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SAP Next-Gen

SAP Next-Gen is a community for youth all over the world who are passionate about innovation and technology and want to shape the intelligent enterprise as future decision-makers.

SAP University Alliances

Building the talent of the future for the intelligent enterprise and experience economy.

SAP University Alliances enables faculty and teachers at educational institutions and partners around the world to educate next generation talents with SAP skills for the intelligent enterprise and the experience economy, engage with SAP events, build industry partnerships, launch graduates in the SAP ecosystem, and inspire young thinkers.

SAP University Alliances Memberships

SAP University Alliances members can access SAP software and learning content, learn best practices for integrating program resources into teaching, and be inspired to partner with the SAP ecosystem of customers and partners by collaborating with a global network of SAP Next-Gen Chapters, SAP Next-Gen Labs, as well as University Competence Centers and Academic Competence Centers supporting SAP University Alliances members around the world. 

  • Access a wealth of courses in SAP Learning Hub, academic edition including courses created by academia, courses created by openSAP and SAP Learning Hub courses
  • Prepare students for SAP certifications in the cloud 
  • Foster the next generation of leaders dedicated to equality 
  • Connect your campus startup lab or entrepreneurship center to a global “innovation with purpose” community including cities around the world

Associate Membership (free of charge)

As an associate member, you have access to:

  • SAP University Alliances curricula
  • Demos, Webinars, and recordings
  • Community membership
  • Events and competitions
  • Learning platforms

Full Membership

With full membership, you get all the benefits of the associate membership, as well as access to:

  • A wide range of SAP software for academic teaching – free of charge
  • Low cost peer hosting of SAP software and pre-configured classroom teaching systems
  • Support through University Competence Centers and Academic Competence Centers
  • Invitations to events where you can expand your SAP knowledge, build relationships with other educators, and connect with SAP experts and industry partners

Programs and tools for educators

SAP S/4HANA Learning Journey, courses and certification

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution that enables companies to capture every opportunity in today’s digital world. SAP S/4HANA features an award-winning user experience, artificial intelligence capabilities, next-generation processes, and cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment.

Faculty and teachers are invited to learn and become certified on SAP S/4HANA. Join SAP University Alliances and access software, Learning Journeys, courses, and certification options. Then integrate SAP S/4HANA into your courses to educate students on next-generation business processes and prepare them to earn a valuable industry certification.

Intelligent Enterprise
The SAP University Alliances program enables faculty to bring the latest SAP solutions and academically relevant content into classrooms to better prepare the next generation leaders for the intelligent enterprise.
Through a blended learning model, faculty and students can access SAP learning assets for the SAP solution portfolio including SAP S/4HANA, digital platform with SAP HANA and SAP Cloud Platform, analytics, intelligent technologies, and Qualtrics. The learning assets include faculty developed curriculum, openSAP courses, and SAP Learning Hub content.
Experience Management solutions from SAP

The SAP University Alliances program aims to extend learning offerings for academia to include Qualtrics.

Begin your Qualtrics learning journey through events and webinars and ebooks and guides. Share case studies with students. Explore survey templates & examples.

Check back for updates on Qualtrics learning content for SAP University Alliances member institutions.

University Competence Centers and Academic Competence Centers

SAP University Alliances partners globally with five University Competence Center (UCC) locations which provide low cost peer hosting of SAP systems pre-configured for classroom teaching. Additionally, six Academic Competence Center (ACC) locations provide localization services and support for faculty.


Learning Journeys, curriculum and certifications via SAP Learning Hub, academic edition

SAP Learning Hub, academic edition

Get access to a variety of digital learning content, including:

Digital Innovation

Drive innovation at your university by partnering to build technology skills with SAP and the SAP ecosystem. The SAP University Alliances program gives faculty and students access to the SAP Cloud Platform – free of charge – and provides low cost, peer-hosted access to SAP solutions for academic research through University Competence Center locations.


Help students learn about SAP Cloud Platform

Access tools to dream big, develop fast, and deliver to the global business marketplace with SAP Cloud Platform.

Introduce students to intelligent technologies

From machine learning and the IoT to blockchain and advanced analytics, learn how the latest digital technologies enable the intelligent enterprise.

openSAP Thought Leaders

Gain insights on digital innovation from business and academia. Hear how leaders are managing digital transformation and mastering complexity.

The HPI Future SOC (Service-Oriented Computing) Lab

See how the HPI Future SOC Lab enables and promotes exchange and interaction between the research community and industrial partners. 

SAP Young Thinkers

We enable youth to shape the digital world of tomorrow

As an education initiative of SAP, it focuses on education around digitalization and addresses all types of schools with the aim to enable young people to shape the digital world of tomorrow.

Through donated SAP software licenses, learning content developed for classroom teaching in collaboration with academia, and connections to a global community, SAP Young Thinkers enables teachers with resources to inspire today’s youth to become tomorrow’s digitally-savvy leaders committed to creating a purposeful future and sustainable world.

Through events, young students can learn coding with tools such as Snap! and new innovation methodologies such as science fiction thinking to develop prototype solutions to challenges aligned with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The SAP Young Thinkers community provides learning material, interdisciplinary workshop and event participation for teachers and students, as well as an access to a network with partners from education, government, non-profit organizations and businesses. 

The SAP Young Thinkers learning portfolio offers learning content for coding, data analytics, Internet of Things, business processes with a clear relation to day-to-day life and has a strong focus on soft skills such as holistic thinking, creativity, empathy, solution oriented thinking and collaboration. 

Learning and career opportunities for students

Are you thinking about your future career direction? Do you want to use your creativity and entrepreneurial mind-set to shape the future of businesses within areas as diverse as healthcare, banking, energy, smart cities, and sports and entertainment? Do you want to make an impact in the world? Then explore opportunities to learn, apply, and share your passion for using digital technologies for social good.

Learn with us

By having access to online learning resources and hands-on practice on training systems – anytime, anywhere – you can build highly desirable SAP software skills ahead of your peers and earn an industry certification in the latest SAP technologies. This advanced knowledge and expertise give you a strong competitive edge when looking for great careers in the SAP ecosystem.

Prepare for career opportunities with SAP

By joining our events and tapping into our resources for classroom and MOOC learning, you can be well-prepared for various job opportunities at SAP.

Innovate with Purpose

All SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen services and activities support SAP’s commitment to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). SAP Next-Gen encourages students, educators, researchers, startups, people in business and public services, and citizens to contribute to solutions for the SDG. 

The Experience Revolution podcast series

Episode 18: The Global Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Worldwide Education

Education is one of the many areas that has had to drastically adapt due to the coronavirus pandemic. With various restrictions, there are many questions about how this current situation will impact students’ ability to learn.

In this podcast, Dr. Malcolm Woodfield, a global leader of SAP’s Education and Research Industry Practice, answers top-of-mind questions regarding the short term impact of Covid-19, the mental health of students and educators, what education in the future might look like, and more.


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