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Engage in the digital future as an SAP Next-Gen partner

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The SAP Next-Gen program provides unique opportunities for partners and their communities to join the conversation on exponential technologies, experience management, digital futures, and “innovation with purpose” linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI)

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Preparing next-generation innovators for the digital world

Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI) is a leading university excellence center for Digital Engineering based in Potsdam, Germany. By partnering with SAP Next Gen at Hudson Yards in New York, HPI aims to form innovative partnerships across industries and to develop new ideas with companies, start-ups, universities and research centers.

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bachelor and master students in IT-systems engineering
Ph.D. students
HPI Design Thinking Program students

Additional SAP Next-Gen partners

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AKoin crypto-powers opportunity for young entrepreneurs. They provide a suite of DApps that help young people in lean economies learn, earn, save, and spend, so they can build thriving businesses.


Be.Labs is a business accelerator with a commitment to narrow the gender gap by supporting women entrepreneurs in the development and acceleration of their business and new ideas. 

Binghamton University

Binghamton University offers students a broad, interdisciplinary education with an international perspective and one of the most vibrant research programs in the nation.


Boma empowers people to shape a more intentional and intelligent future through its transformational corporate leadership programs and dynamic community events that bring together diverse viewpoints and best-of-breed innovation.

The Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID)

CIID is a global design institute focused on building products, services, and experiences that create positive impact in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


Code/Art is a nonprofit using art to inspire girls in grades 4-12 with the creative possibilities of computer science. 

Data. Strategy. Technology. (DMN)

DMN covers all aspects of digital and data-driven marketing. A resource for marketing and sales professionals, our readers depend on our brand of unbiased, clear, incisive reporting that matter most.


A global boutique-style conference show with sustainable impact, D:PULSE addresses current challenges, issues and interrelations of Digital Marketing & Communications, Technology & Innovation as well as Business Responsibility & Strategy. 

E2D 500

E2D 500 is focused on enhancing education by training teachers to act as innovators and entrepreneurs of digital education and prepare students and professionals for the digital economy.


Easysapers is a digital platform, delivering fast and high technology SAP services through project innovation, system support and SAP experts’ allocation. We promote a new lifestyle for the consultants by adopting sustainable acts. 

Ellis Accelerator

Ellis Accelerator is an equity-free program for international startups
expanding to the US.


Endeavor helps entrepreneurs to access the networks, talent and capital to scale, succeed, and emerge as a BIG Bubble in their ecosystem, paying it forward to multiply economic and cultural impact.

Ennovae + Co.

Ennovae + Co. is a global marketing and strategy consultancy that advises the world’s most influential brands on innovation, partnerships and positioning for growth with the UN Sustainable Goals in mind.  

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA)

ERA is New York’s leading technology accelerator and an early-stage venture capital fund. It has invested in more than 190 start-ups since launching in 2011.

The Female Quotient

The Female Quotient is a female-owned business committed to advancing equality in the workplace through collaboration, activating solutions for change and creating metrics for accountability. 


Through thought-leadership and innovative technological solutions, FoodNiche seeks to inspire, educate and empower people around the world to create a healthier and stronger future through nutrition. 


ForUsGirls is committed to the acceptance, celebration and development of unique, fierce, and daring marginalized young women and girls. We engage, educate and empower community, feminist leaders.

FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab

The FPI addresses all kinds of questions surrounding fair pay, supports companies and organizations in the practical implementation of pay equity, and provides suggestions for future labor markets.

FrameWork - Management Innovation

FrameWork is a boutique consulting firm focused on management innovation. Its mission is to transform management with a focus on people.

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Using behavioral insights, genEquality nudges people towards inclusive behaviors and beliefs. Through art and tech, genEquality promotes 10 small research-backed actions that make a big difference at work, home, school, and beyond.

GenZ Girl Gang

GenZ Girl Gang focuses on community building – relying nearly 100% on community sourced content, leadership, and input – to achieve their goals of creating and sharing opportunities, bridging generational gaps, and learning and teaching each other.

German Accelerator

German Accelerator's 5-month mentor-led program in Singapore helps German startups with their Southeast Asian go-to-market strategy and access to its strong network of business partners and investors. 

The Glimpse Group

The Glimpse Group is a VR/AR company comprised of multiple, specialized software and services start-ups that creates an ecosystem of creators, yielding innovative experiences and solutions for all industries.

Global Scribes Inc.

Scribers World™️ – The Creative Hub for Global Youth – augments formal education, reveals talents and passions, and spurs meaningful communication to Create. Connect. Collaborate. on a For Youth, By Youth virtual platform.

Global Impact Sourcing Coalition (GISC)

The GISC is a global network of businesses committing to advance inclusive employment initiatives across their global supply chains, creating good jobs for people who would otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment.

GIANT Innovation

GIANT Innovation helps large organizations – from Fortune 500 companies to public sector agencies – build creative cultures and solve their innovation challenges.

Hack Summit Labs

Hack Summit Labs is a change studio that runs events, consults, and creates resources to help individuals and organizations become agents of culture change and advocates for purpose-driven innovation.


iLoveGlobalGoals engage and mobilize youth in turning Global Goals into Everyday Goals. We work digitally and physically to empower and enlighten how seemingly small actions - when taken collectively - have the power to change the world.

Impact Hub Medellín

Impact Hub helps Medellín city to accelerate the trajectory of positive change through the creation of a thriving local community - building bridges with the international entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Innovation360 supports organizations in establishing an adaptable innovation process and fostering a culture of innovation. Our data-driven action plans are based on analytics from thousands of innovative organizations and projects across the globe. 

Jamii Technology

Jamii Technology is a Silicon Valley based company building software, media, and experiences that create positive impact and increase access to information and communications technology.


Kinect is a new organization that is redefining healthcare systems to improve life expectancy in the most challenging nations, using the power of blockchain tech and big data.

Lucid Care

Lucid Care increases patient adherence for centers treating drug and alcohol addiction by reducing patient anxiety and cravings within minutes.

Miratech, Inc.

Miratech is a global IT services and consulting company. By partnering with both large and small players, we stay at the leading edge and create technology that helps our clients further enhance their business.

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NAF transforms the high school experience and creates a skilled, diverse talent pipeline. NAF creates opportunities for students to prepare for college and career success while enabling businesses to shape America’s future workforce. 

NUMA New York

NUMA New York is a community of entrepreneurs and innovators that engage with startups, cities and corporations to foster innovation and solve global challenges.

One Earth Rising

One Earth Rising™ is a for profit company and one of the first video game development studios for console games incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). They create targeted video games that engage consumers built on their passions, interests and ideas. 


Pangian, a global recruiting platform powered by AI for the next generation remote workforce, aims to to empower people to contribute their talent, creativity and productivity unrestricted by geographic location and help organizations innovate with purpose.


Pitchspot is the world’s smartest innovation platform. We empower innovators to kickstart ideas, and enterprises to build an exclusive ecosystem through technology.


Pyxis is passionate about technology, using latest innovations to help companies be more sustainable, responsible and relevant in the rapidly changing world we live in. 

T&V Consultores

T&V Consultores, a Chilean business consulting and education company, collaborates with SAP Next-Gen to educate and develop educational institution talent, helping them build creative cultures and skills for digital futures.

Teach For America – New York

Teach For America – New York (TFA-NY), the largest of 51 Teach For America regions, works in partnership with schools and communities in Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Manhattan to expand educational equity for all children. 

Singapore Association for Private Education (SAPE)

SAPE, a not-for-profit association formed to promote access to private higher education, aims enable members to enhance the quality and competency of their teaching and learning services.  

Explore SAP Next-Gen offerings for partners

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  • Access to the global SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose network
  • Connections to a global network of educational institutions in the SAP Next-Gen "innovation with purpose" community
  • Invitations to SAP Next-Gen open meetups and summits

Connect your startup to corporations through SAP Next-Gen

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Connect and collaborate with corporations

Collaborate with corporations within SAP’s global ecosystem of more than 425,000 customers across 25 industries and 7 lines of business in 170 countries to sharpen your designs, pitch your concepts, and explore partnership opportunities to grow your more than

Work with a mentor to realize your vision

Receive mentoring and guidance from the SAP Next-Gen Advisors program within the global SAP Next-Gen "innovation with purpose" ecosystem of SAP customers, accelerators and partner companies, and educational institutions in the SAP Next-Gen network.

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