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Fostering next generation female data scientists

Global gender agenda in the news

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Women Lead the Way in Public-Private Partnerships to Drive a New Equality Agenda

Learn how diverse perspectives generate meaningful outcomes for all stakeholders in business, government, institutions, and public-private partnerships and what SAP Next-Gen is doing to advance a global equality agenda.

Empowering Young Women as Business Leaders and Social Change Agents in Turkey

Find out how SAP Next-Gen is accelerating its engagement in Turkey to both support academia in educating SAP skilled graduates and to connect Turkey’s academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, and tech community leaders to the global network.

Fostering Female Innovators, Driving the Future of Customer Experience

Hear about the activities SAP Next-Gen hosted during SAP Customer Experience LIVE in Barcelona that brought CEOs and influencers together to inspire students, young women, and girls to claim their seats at the innovation table.

Rosé and Runway: SAP Signals Commitment to Next Generation of Female Leaders

Read about this 2018 event that highlighted the beauty of bridging the creative industries and technology in synergistic ways and celebrated our industry’s commitment to gender equality and the phenomenal women in our field.

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