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Drive innovation with purpose with
SAP Next-Gen

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Through the SAP Next-Gen program, your corporation can seed in disruptive innovation with startups, crowdsource next generation insights with universities, and connect with industry and technology experts from SAP, partners, and venture firms. Join our network to reimagine the future of your industry with SAP Leonardo, and link your innovation goals to the UN Global Goals.


The SAP Next-Gen program enables corporations to seed in disruptive innovation and accelerate their SAP Leonardo journeys and digital futures through connecting with students, startups, academic thought leaders and researchers, accelerators, venture firms, and other partners in the SAP Next-Gen network.

SAP Next-Gen membership allows you to:

  • Work with startups focused on your industry or technology interest to seed in disruptive innovation    
  • Crowdsource next generation insights with universities in the global SAP Next-Gen network of 3,700+ educational institutions in 116 countries    
  • Join boot camps, workshops and events and explore exponential technologies including IoT, machine learning, VR/AR, Blockchain, enterprise apps, robotics, drones, and more    
  • Participate in industry specific accelerators    
  • Join industry fellowship programs    
  • Visit SAP Next-Gen in New York and other SAP locations linked to the Silicon Valleys of the world    
  • Access early talent from the SAP Next-Gen network
SAP customers have new opportunities to gain insights needed to accelerate digital innovation with SAP through SAP Next-Gen services for SAP Leonardo.
  • Have an exclusive SAP Next-Gen innovation tour to Silicon Valley, New York City, Berlin and other SAP innovation hubs where you connect with thought leaders among academia, startups, partners and SAP, making connections to accelerate your innovation with purpose 
  • Leverage SAP Next-Gen Bootcamps where you use science fiction thinking, purpose thinking, and design thinking together with thought leadership on customer-specific topics to accelerate your innovation with purpose roadmap with SAP Leonardo
  • Join exclusive salons focused on experience exchange and driving business innovations, with thought leadership from academia, startups, and digital innovation experts from SAP and partners. View video highlights of the first SAP Next-Gen Salon for SAP MaxAttention customers in New York
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