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SAP Next-Gen: An Innovation Community for SAP Leonardo

The SAP Next-Gen program is an innovation platform for the SAP ecosystem enabling companies, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the UN Global Goals. Reimagine the future of industries with exponential technologies. Seed in disruptive innovation with startups. Build skills for digital futures. Showcase thought leadership.
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What is SAP Next-Gen?

SAP Next-Gen is an innovation community for SAP Leonardo supporting SAP’s 350,000+ customers across 25 industries in 180 countries, leveraging 3,200+ educational institutions in more than 110 countries in the SAP Next-Gen network and 100+ SAP innovation and development centers and startups in the SAP ecosystem.

The SAP Next-Gen program:


Enables corporations and partners to crowdsource insights from students, academic thought leaders and researchers; seed in disruptive innovation from startups; and connect with SAP experts, partners, and venture firms on the future of industries with exponential technologies.

Connects companies to the Silicon Valleys of the World, from Silicon Valley in California, to Silicon Alley in New York, to IT-Cluster Rhein-Main-Neckar, to Silicon Allee in Berlin, to Silicon Plateau in Bangalore, to Silicon Cape in South Africa, and dozens of other innovation hubs globally.

Supports SAP’s commitment to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the UN, through the SAP Next-Gen Global Challenges, a platform where everyone can contribute solutions for the Global Goals.


Get engaged with SAP Next-Gen


Join SAP Next-Gen through memberships and be part of SAP Next-Gen clubs for industries, exponential technologies and special focus groups. Benefit from innovation tours, global challenges, boot camps, events, industry fellows programs, startup matchmaker, and services from partners.


Become part of a global movement supporting the UN Global Goals and bring your community into a new conversation focused on exponential technologies, digital futures, and innovation with next-generation thinkers through our SAP Next-Gen network. 


Set up your own SAP Next-Gen Lab and open your campus to educate industry partners with skills for digital futures, showcase startups with corporations seeking to seed in disruptive innovation, and connect students with companies recruiting next-generation leaders.


Pitch concepts, improve designs, and explore collaboration opportunities when you work with corporations within SAP’s global ecosystem of more than 350,000 customers across 25 industries in 180 countries.

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Connect to the SAP Next-Gen global network

SAP Next-Gen connects innovators with the world's largest enterprise ecosystem through events and services at SAP locations and universities worldwide.

Get involved with SAP Next-Gen events

Join SAP Next-Gen innovation tours, global challenges, salons, meetups, boot camps, and industry summits.

Share your innovation story with Live 360

Allow us to interview you in our Live 360 studio – and our SAP Next-Gen social warriors will magnify your innovation story across SAP social channels.

Take a virtual tour of SAP Next-Gen in New York, an innovation community for SAP Leonardo


In partnership with Hasso Plattner Institute, SAP Next-Gen invites academia, startups, the tech community, purpose driven organizations, and SAP customers and partners in New York City and globally to be part of SAP’s newest open innovation space on the 48th floor at 10 Hudson Yards.

Learn more about SAP Next-Gen

SAP Next-Gen enables SAP customers to seed in disruptive innovation and accelerate their SAP Leonardo journeys through connecting with academic thought leaders and researchers, students, startups, accelerators, venture firms, and other partners in the SAP Next-Gen innovation community for SAP Leonardo.

From smart cities and smart traffic, to sports and entertainment, to fashion and beyond, students working in SAP Next-Gen Consulting projects are developing innovations across industry topics. Industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, and sports are already crowdsourcing some of their most disruptive solution challenges to students from globally leading universities in the SAP Next-Gen network.

Offerings include a global network of SAP Next-Gen hubs at SAP locations and SAP Next-Gen Labs at universities linked to the Silicon Valleys of the world, where industries can connect with next generation innovators to reimagine mobile business apps with the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS.

The SAP Next-Gen network in partnership with Hasso Plattner Institute enables companies in all SAP industries to connect with next generation talents, SAP experts and partners for future industry scenarios, events, and services.

Customers and partners can join SAP Next-Gen through memberships including clubs for industries; clubs for SAP Leonardo including IoT, machine learning, Blockchain, and analytics; clubs for VR/AR, robotics, drones, and iOS enterprise apps; clubs for purpose driven innovation and for women; services including SAP Next-Gen innovation tours, boot camps, industry fellows program, and startup matchmaker program; and events including SAP Next-Gen global challenges, salons, meetups, and industry summits.

Join us in our mission for innovation

Help us develop disruptive solutions to support the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development by joining the SAP Next-Gen Global Challenges platform to contribute your innovative solutions.

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