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A Purpose Driven Innovation University and Community

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The SAP Next-Gen program is a purpose driven innovation university and community for the SAP ecosystem enabling companies, partners and universities to connect and innovate with purpose linked to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Reimagine the future of industries and experience management with exponential technologies. Seed in disruptive innovation with startups. Build skills for digital futures. Showcase thought leadership.

Get engaged with SAP Next-Gen

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Join SAP Next-Gen through memberships and be part of SAP Next-Gen clubs for industries, exponential technologies and special focus groups. Benefit from innovation tours, industry summits, boot camps, events, and services from partners.


Become part of a global movement supporting the UN Global Goals and bring your community into a new conversation focused on exponential technologies, digital futures, and innovation with next-generation thinkers through our SAP Next-Gen network. 


Set up your own SAP Next-Gen Lab and open your campus to educate industry partners with skills for digital futures, showcase startups with corporations seeking to seed in disruptive innovation, and connect students with companies recruiting next-generation leaders.


Become an SAP Next-Gen Chapter and be recognized as a lighthouse campus driving thought leadership on specific technologies or cross topics such as science fiction thinking.

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Take a virtual tour of SAP Next-Gen in New York

In partnership with Hasso Plattner Institute, SAP Next-Gen invites academia, startups, the tech community, purpose driven organizations, and SAP customers and partners in New York City and globally to be part of SAP’s open innovation space on the 48th floor at 10 Hudson Yards.

Learn more about SAP Next-Gen

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SAP University Alliances

SAP University Alliances introduces students and faculty to SAP software by providing networking and educational activities and partnering to build technology skills.

SAP Young Thinkers

Enable young people to use tools of the digital age and explore how they can shape the world of tomorrow with the SAP Young Thinkers program.

Gender Equality

Join a global movement to drive industry-wide action to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls.

Purpose Network

SAP Next-Gen connects innovators with the world's largest enterprise ecosystem through events and services at SAP Leonardo centers, other SAP locations and universities worldwide.


Join SAP Next-Gen innovation tours, salons, meetups, boot camps, and industry summits.

About SAP Next-Gen

SAP Next-Gen for youth empowers the SDG generation with SAP’s technology to do good through SAP University Alliances.

SAP Next-Gen for citizens activates people around the world to join with SAP and the global SAP Next-Gen community to enable solutions to the SDGs.

SAP Next-Gen for partners is a global next-generation partner network which includes accelerators, purpose partners, co-working spaces, VCs, startups, and academia supporting corporates to explore SAP’s latest digital technologies to drive innovation with purpose. 

SAP Next-Gen has launched a global gender agenda supporting the goals of the Global Innovation Coalition for Change to drive industry-wide action to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls. And SAP Next-Gen partners with The Female Quotient and its FQ Lounge, Home of Equality On Campus program to offer the next generation of leaders a community and the FQ app through which they can collaborate and connect, setting a strong foundation for them to thrive in their future careers.

SAP Next-Gen drives a purpose network for the SDGs, globally engaging companies pursuing both profit and a higher social purpose, and connecting them to purpose partners and influencers accelerating solutions to the SDGs.

SAP Next-Gen for enterprises inspires corporates globally to reimagine the future of industries, the intelligent enterprise and experience management together with SAP and the global SAP Next-Gen innovation with purpose network including the startup ecosystem.

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