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SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain

SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain

The SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain is a globally accessible co-innovation program for selected B2B startups that are innovating around Digital Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Digital Assets and Industry 4.0.Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain

About the SAP Startup Accelerator

About the SAP Startup Accelerator

SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain finds and helps the most-promising startups bring their digital supply chain, asset management, manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions to market with SAP. Startups that participate in the accelerator program benefit from:

  • Connection with the best team(s) and matching product owners within SAP to advance their solutions, based on a direct engagement model
  • Access to SAP’s vast customer base and SAP solutions and platforms
  • Help identifying co-innovation opportunities, aligned with customer requirements, and guidance with the development and integration of startup solutions with SAP 
  • A tailored approach to help accelerate success, based on seeing each startup in the accelerator program as unique in its needs
  • Retained equity and no fees
  • Collaboration with complementary accelerators and funds to shape the future of a Digital Supply Chain, Asset Management, Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

We are looking for solutions that promote our shared customer’s success

With innovative technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT providing a road map for the future, companies are beginning to see the full potential of a Digital Supply Chain. To make this a reality, knowing when and how to use these technologies is key. 

If you want to redefine digital transformation for whole Industries and bring SAP’s customer through the Supply Chain by merging the physical and digital worlds to establish an Intelligent Enterprise, you should apply for the six to nine-month Accelerator program. During this time you will get to full speed with SAP.

What we're looking for:

We are looking for startup teams that have shown that their technology can contribute to make a customer’s Manufacturing process, their Supply Chain or Asset Management smarter and want to work with SAP on the above described vision. 

You should apply:

  • If your team provides a software or hardware-based solution that can expand SAP's ecosystem and offer our customers a breakthrough innovation in Digital Supply Chain, Digital Manufacturing and Asset Management or Predictive Maintenance.
  • If your team has identified new innovative use cases and business models.
  • If you feel that your team demonstrates a combination of deep domain expertise, strong technical capabilities, and a pioneering vision.

SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain: Berlin

The Berlin Accelerator is located in the heart of Berlin, one of Europe’s startup capitals. The program offers a physical space for the selected IoT startups in the Data Space by SAP as well as a mentoring program and access to the Berlin ecosystem. A plus of the location is also the proximity to SAP’s headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.


Data Hub by SAP
Rosenthaler Strasse 38
10178 Berlin, Germany

SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain: Silicon Valley

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley at SAP Labs‘ Palo Alto campus, the Silicon Valley Accelerator offers a unique opportunity for startups to make the right connections within SAP with the innovation brain power of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.


SAP Palo Alto
3412 Hillview Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA

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