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SAP Startup Accelerator for Digital Supply Chain


Additive Manufacturing
Digital Freight Forwarder
Human-Machine Interface
Intelligence through AI/ML/Image Processing
Interoperability at the EDGE
Outdoor and Indoor Localization
Robots for Transportation
Smart City
Smart Wearables in Motion
Supply Chain Visibility


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Learn about SAP’s focus on digital supply chain and manufacturing

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Digital Supply Chain

Meet rising customer expectations with a digital supply chain. Run real-time operations with supply chain management (SCM) software that harnesses new technologies such as AI and the Internet of Things. Our solutions provide full visibility and advanced analytics to help you plan, source, and deliver the right goods and materials at the right time.


Fast-track production with software for Manufacturing and the IIoT: Use the latest technologies to digitize your manufacturing operations and improve efficiency. Our manufacturing software can help you leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), integrate processes, increase agility – and much more.

Asset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your physical assets with EAM software from SAP: Streamline lifecycle management for your property, plant, and equipment assets. Our enterprise asset management software integrates with ERP and operational technology systems – and supports preventative maintenance, asset utilization, remote monitoring, real-time analytics, and more. 

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