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EDGE recertification

SAP recertified on the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) global standard, recognizing our strategic commitment to creating a gender-equal workplace that benefits employees, customers and partners.

Autism at Work

Launched in 2013, SAP was the first global tech company to create a program to leverage the unique abilities of people with autism.

The Road to Gender Equity Is Paved by Paternity Leave

Read about how SAP drives inclusion, with flexibility and parental leave among other benefits for new parents. 

Busting Generational Myths: Cross-Generational Intelligence at SAP

There are a variety of myths surrounding the attitudes of different generations. In this blog, Annice Joseph sorts out fact from fiction.

Hiring Autistic Workers

CBS News highlighted neurodiversity in Tech and featured SAP’s Autism at Work program.

Digital Natives Leading Customer Success

Learn about a few of SAP’s Sales Academy graduates helping customers achieve their journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

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