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Diversity and Inclusion

At SAP, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is critical to our success.

Autism inclusion in the workplace

Engaging talented individuals and inspiring innovation

As a leader in innovation and a driver of change, SAP challenges traditional recruiting and works with companies across its vast ecosystem to promote autism inclusion. 
SAP aims to inspire more organizations to be autism inclusive by sharing best practices based on our experiences.

Supplier diversity

SAP commits to encouraging a diverse partner and customer ecosystem and promoting standards for supplier diversity. We set targets for diverse suppliers, and leverage SAP Ariba to encourage the use of diverse suppliers in the SAP ecosystem. We work closely with the SAP Procurement Office and SAP Ariba Development team to embed accessibility requirements into processes.

Why you should bring diversity into procurement where it belongs

Companies agree diversity is a good thing, but connecting buyers with minority-owned suppliers has long been a challenge. Rod Robinson, CEO of ConnXus, explained why partnering with SAP Ariba supports both companies’ shared purpose-driven mission at SAP Ariba Live, and how the partnership helps connect URM suppliers and buyers. 

Partnering with Johnson & Johnson to bring value to their business and the world

After partnering with SAP Ariba, Johnson & Johnson was able to direct 80% of their spending through the Ariba ecosystem within 12 months, amounting to nearly 15 billion dollars of revenue.

SAP software accessibility

Accessibility refers to the possibility for everyone, including and especially people with disabilities, to access and use technology and information products. SAP has long made this a priority and strives to make our products more accessible. 

Inclusion in SAP SuccessFactors products

Creating a diverse, inclusive, and bias-free culture makes us a better company, and SAP SuccessFactors products can help. SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals is implementing a solution to include calibration analysis using diversity rules and bias detection alerts to ensure consistent, equitable standards in evaluating performance and potential. 

Business Beyond Bias at SAP

In today’s digital economy, eliminating bias is critical to innovation, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. In this video, SAP proudly showcases “The Faces of Business Beyond Bias.”

How to stop hiring bias: Don’t let AI take over HR

Blindly trusting anything is always a mistake but even more so when HR relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to hire people. With the global explosion, it’s important to understand how to address hiring bias while making the most of the latest HR technologies.

SAP partnership for gender

SAP has launched a global agenda supporting the goals of the UN Women Global Innovation Coalition for Change to drive industry-wide action to make innovation and technology work better for young women and girls. SAP partners with The Female Quotient and its FQ Lounge to offer the next generation of leaders a community through which they can collaborate and connect, setting a strong foundation for them to thrive in their future careers.

Fostering female innovators, driving the future of customer experience

SAP Next-Gen teamed up with The Female Quotient to highlight the rise of purpose-driven female innovators on the forefront of customer experience. 

SAP invests in female and diverse-led startups

SAP.iO Foundries are proud to support underrepresented founders in B2B tech. Meet the SAP.iO Foundry Berlin startup cohort and learn what drives them.

Supporting SAP.iO commitment to inclusive entrepreneurship

SAP.iO commits to leveraging technology and innovation through inclusive entrepreneurship and building relationships with URM start-up founders. In 2019 we launched SAP.iO Foundry Cohorts specifically for minority founders, and we are committed to identifying technologies that can be integrated into our existing ecosystem that promote hiring candidates from diverse backgrounds by removing criteria that leads to bias when ranking candidates.

SAP.iO No Boundaries to fund and incubate over 200 startups led by women and minorities

Through the SAP.iO No Boundaries initiative's focus on inclusive entrepreneurship, SAP aims to help more than 200 startups worldwide in the next five years.

Scaling inclusive entrepreneurship

Medium takes a look at how SAP will fund and incubate more than 200 startups led by women and minorities in the next five years.

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