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Differently Abled People

At SAP, we believe that differently abled does not mean unable. Differently abled individuals are typically able to find unique and innovative solutions to challenges. Their perspectives, experiences and backgrounds support the diversity SAP needs to achieve our strategic objectives. Our focus is on skills and strengths, rather than what others may see as impairments. This view has helped us see new possibilities. SAP’s internationally recognized Autism at Work program, operating in 13 countries, shows this commitment, employing more than 160 colleagues with autism. By embracing differences, we help spark innovation — while challenging assumptions and inspiring change.

Our focus areas

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Autism at Work

SAP’s groundbreaking Autism at Work program, launched in 2013, leverages the unique abilities and perspectives of people with autism to foster innovation as we help customers become intelligent enterprises. The program taps into an underutilized talent source, reducing barriers of entry so qualified individuals can fully develop their potential. Autism at Work employs over 160 colleagues and in 13 countries.

SAP software accessibility

Accessibility refers to the possibility for everyone, including and especially people with disabilities, to access and use technology and information products. SAP has long made this a priority and strives to make our products more accessible. 

Blogs and Videos

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SAP Autism at Work Featured at SAPPHIRE NOW 2018

At SAPPHIRE NOW 2018 Robert Enslin, SAP Executive Board member and Executive Sponsor of the SAP Autism at Work program, spoke about SAP’s commitment to go beyond traditional corporate approaches in the search of exciting new talent, inclusive of employees with autism spectrum disorder.

CBS Sunday Morning profiles SAP’s Autism at Work Program

CBS Sunday Morning and CBS Evening News feature SAP’s Autism at Work program and the benefits for companies, employees and their families.

Autistic employees: "We are a good return on investment"

Silicon Valley Business Journal takes a look at SAP's Autism at Work program.

Autism at work: Hiring for a career not just for a job

Diversity hiring programs are about more than hiring people for a job. There was a clear message delivered by the panel assembled on the opening day of the 2017 Autism at Work Summit, hosted by SAP Silicon Valley. 

Diversity and inclusion on the rise as key drivers for innovation

In this video, Stefanie Nennstiel talks about SAP's global Autism@Work program, which ensures that differently abled people are recruited and included into SAP’s global workforce.
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