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Cross-Generational Intelligence

Achieving greater innovation by drawing on the different experiences and perspectives of people of all ages and at every career stage.


People at different stages of life bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to SAP, helping to fuel our innovation. Newer generations or “early talent” help us anticipate trends and take risks; they are balanced by our established workforce, who bring the value of their experience and relationships, and also serve as mentors. All generations are essential to our success and we are dedicated to supporting all employees – and strive to increase awareness of the benefits of generational diversity to SAP.


Meet 15 rising-star employees

Learn about a few of the rising-star leaders at SAP. Some lead jet-setting lives, others create brilliant technologies, and still others are world-class athletes. All of them want to change the world – and think SAP is the place to do it.

SAP a "best place" for new dads to work

Fatherly website has ranked SAP 14th on their “50 Best Places to Work for New Dads” list. The compilation from this digital lifestyle guide for new fathers highlights leading companies that recognize how everyone – plus the bottom line – benefits when parents can have more flexibility at work.

Why Ken Siebritz is still passionate about SAP 

It was a 1991 chance meeting at a software event in South Africa that led Ken Siebritz to SAP, and kicked off his return to the work he enjoyed doing. He has  made SAP his employer of choice for the last twenty-four years and counting, and only once – and very briefly – considered leaving.


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