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Cross-Generational Intelligence

Achieving greater innovation by drawing on the different experiences and perspectives of people of all ages and at every career stage.


People at different stages of life bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to SAP, helping to fuel our innovation. Cross Generational intelligence involves increasing awareness and inclusion for five distinct generations at SAP. Celebrating multi-generational diversity by encouraging inclusive behaviors and fostering connections across generations enhances employee engagement and drives innovation. Cross generational mentoring is a safe platform for our employees to learn from people of different generations, collaborate with one another and inspire each other. Awareness through sessions, blogs, white papers and stories enable our leaders and peers to have a better understanding of the world.


Meet 15 rising-star employees

Learn about a few of the rising-star leaders at SAP. Some lead jet-setting lives, others create brilliant technologies, and still others are world-class athletes. All of them want to change the world – and think SAP is the place to do it.

Why Ken Siebritz is still passionate about SAP 

It was a 1991 chance meeting at a software event in South Africa that led Ken Siebritz to SAP, and kicked off his return to the work he enjoyed doing. He has  made SAP his employer of choice for the last twenty-four years and counting, and only once – and very briefly – considered leaving.

Breaking down stereotypes

How do you challenge assumptions and break down myths and stereotypes about the different generations? You bring people together by facilitating cross-generation mentoring pairs that expand employee networks.


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