Our strategy: Supporting our success – and every individual at SAP

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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is part of who we are as a company and plays an increasing role in our success. To perform at our best as a company, our employees must be able to do the same. This means embracing their perspective and unique combination of culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, physical or mental ability, and work-life situation.

We believe that this culture helps make us a great place to work and brings a host of business benefits. When people feel free to express who they are, the result is greater engagement and creativity. When teams reflect who our customers are, we can better meet their needs. When we collaborate with others who have different points of view, we can come up with a greater mix of ideas and spur our innovation.

Our diversity and inclusion strategy focuses on four key areas that are especially relevant to our future success:

Gender intelligence
A rich mix of gender perspectives helps drive our innovation and enables us to better serve customers. Our workshop “Women and Men Leading Together” helps both genders collaborate more effectively. In addition, we aim to help lead the tech industry in creating opportunity for women. We are encouraging female students to study technology and support women in moving into leadership positions at SAP.

Generational intelligence
People at different stages of life bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to SAP, driving our innovation. Newer generations or “early talent” help us anticipate trends and take risks; they are balanced by our established workforce, who bring the wisdom of experience. Both are essential to our success. We aim to increase awarenesss of generational differences and support people at every life stage.

Culture and identity
The many voices at SAP provide one of our greatest sources of strength, shaping our work environment and sense of community. From race and ethnicity to sexual orientation and numerous aspects of how we live and work, culture and identity are defined by each person at SAP. Our employee networks offer support, bring people together, and help ensure that every voice is heard.

Differently-abled people
We focus not on perceived limitations, but on everyone’s unique ability to contribute. This lens has helped us see new possibilities, with our Autism at Work Initiative a prime example. We have started to hire people with autism in specialized IT roles such as software testing. By embracing differences, we can help spark our innovation while also challenging assumptions and inspiring change.

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