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Are you using SAP products or technology to drive public sector transformation in new ways? Submit your nomination for the 2019 SAP Innovation Awards.

SAP for Public Sector

SAP is a leading provider of cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics to government and non-profit agencies worldwide. The SAP for Public Sector innovative solution portfolio to improve government performance, services, and accountability to improve people’s lives.


Why it is important for public sector to be citizen-centric

Discover how public sector agencies can deliver a consumer-grade experience for citizen engagement

SAP Hybris Solution Brief for Public Sector


How governments use data as a strategic asset to gain insights and make better decisions

Create a real-time data platform that provides a single version of the truth and integrates strategic public-sector functions: citizen-facing operations, internal business operations, and change management.

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Run a citizen-centric government that improves people’s lives
by adopting industry best practices while attaining operational excellence – with help from our enterprise resource management suite. Apply the proven framework across core customer engagement, asset management, and financial processes.

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Are you using SAP products or technology to drive public sector transformation in new ways? Submit your nomination for the 2019 SAP Innovation Awards.

2019 SAP Innovation Awards

Expert Content


SAP Intelligent Technologies Point of View for Public Sector

Learn how public sector -organizations can use technology to become intelligent enterprises

Read the Point of View

Transforming Government for the Digital Era


SAP Public Sector Roadmap


SAP’s POV on Data-Driven Government

Deliver more effective citizen programs by adopting a data-driven strategy that enables real-time insight and analytics.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Government


SAP Budgeting and Planning for Public Sector

Learn how to implement best practices for budget and financial excellence with data-driven principles.

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