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Explore and visualize your data with Lumira Discovery, build enterprise dashboards for your business users with Lumira Designer, and utilize Lumira Server for trusted data access. Check out our knowledge resources here, ask your questions, and share your experience!

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Latest Questions and Answers
MAP component -Can we change default MAP view in lumira desinger 2.2

Hi , When i use map component,I can see satellite view by default,Is there any way to change it to street view by default. map.png Please find the attachement. Thanks in Advance. BR Palanivel

list box showing first value by default

I am creating company code list box based bex query designer source bex field company code issue: by defult first value checked . LISTBOX_1.setItems(DS_1.getMemberList("0COMP_CODE", MemberPresentation...

June 3rd, 2019
how to open LUMX file, and directly change its content

Hi expert, I have a lumx file, I just want to open it just like to open a flat file, but I tried notepad/word ect, neither of them does work, please help .

May 29th, 2019
Lumira Designer - Fixed X-Axis Values

Hello Community, I want to creat a Line-Chart with a fixed, linear X-Axis: The X-Axis represents a Difference of Days between a Date and Today. If the Value is 3042 e.g. it means that its 3042 days be...

Lumira Designer crosstab cell format as barchart

capture.jpgHi, Is there a way to show Lumira Designer crosstab cells as bar charts like the image attached? Regards, Dimitris

Unable to getting the charts from dashboard based on user access

let's say I have dashboard with four charts for year wise sales revenue data in single screen. year - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 User - user1, user2 requirement :- if user1 executive the dashboard should ...

Latest Blogs
Performance Testing in BI 4.x - Lumira

A lot of customers were requesting performance tests for BI 4.x. and so I want to share with you the experience i gathered. As a tool I used the JMeter tool as it is freely available and quite powerfu...

March 10th, 2019
Highlight selections without direct interaction in crosstabs, scorecards and charts

Introduction We have selection enabled components in Design Studio/Lumira Designer which helps to make our dashboard interactive. Highlighting the selection is important in user experience of an appli...

March 4th, 2019
SAP Lumira Designer Composite Collection

SAP Lumira Designer is the primary Dashboard development tool in the SAP analytics tool chest. One of the key features of Lumira Designer is the ability to create Composites. Composites create reusabl...

February 25th, 2019
Dashboard Selection Made Easy – Part 2: Dimension with Large Number of Members

In first part of my blog I explained how to simplify time selection. In second part of the blog I will explain how effectively provide selections for dimensions with large number of members. There can...

February 21st, 2019
Migration of bookmarks between Design Studio and Lumira Designer systems

This article aims to facilitate the process of migrating dashboards and their bookmarks from Design Studio 1.X to Lumira Designer 2.X. It also applies to transporting bookmarks between systems with th...

February 15th, 2019
SAP Analytics Cloud Roadmap #ASUG Webcast Recap with Q&A

Source: SAP SAP’s Ty Miller presented as an ASUG webcast from last week. ***promotion*** Please register for more upcoming February webcasts below: February 13 BI: What’s New: Data Wrangling and Model...

February 7th, 2019

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