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SAP HANA 2.0 Data Warehousing Foundation SP 4 released to Customer. SAP Note 2435452

SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation

SAP HANA data warehousing foundation (DWF) enable efficient data management and distribution across complex SAP HANA landscapes. Customers can optimize the memory footprint of data and streamline administration and development, thereby reducing TCO and at the same time supporting SAP HANA administrators and data warehouse designers.

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SAP HANA Data Warehouse Foundation overview

SAP HANA data warehousing foundation (DWF) delivers specialized SAP HANA based applications.

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What's New in SAP HANA 2.0 DWF SP 04

This guide provides information about what’s new and what has changed since the last release.

Release Note SAP HANA

Release Note SAP HANA DWF SP 4

What's New in SAP HANA DWF SP 4

Expert Content

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SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation: First Guidance

This First Guidance Document is the beginning of a series of documents that should help to better understand the various concepts of SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation approach:

SAP SQL Data Warehouse Trial

Installation Guide XS-Advanced

First Guidance Document

Add DWF to existing projects


SAP HANA DWF: Architecture Concept

The architecture concept for SAP HANA data warehousing foundation provide deep-dive insights in the product.

High Level DWF Architecture

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Data Movement with SAP DWF Data Lifecycle Manager

The objective of the Data Lifecycle Manager optimizes the memory footprint of data in SAP HANA tables by relocating data.

Data Aging capabilities in SAP HANA DWF

Integration SAP HANA and Hadoop

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Native DataStore Object

Latest Questions and Answers
HANA BwPopSearch slow with string

Hi, I did some performance analysis for a native HANA DWH and SID (ints) are a little faster in joining than string columns. Thats fine because it simply needs more memory during processing of strings...

How to assign recordmode to the NDSO in a flowgraph

Hi experts, i am new with HANA DWF so if this question is already answered, please let know the link. I am running DWF on a HANA2.0 SP 03. I am trying to map a source table to a NDSO. My source table ...

May 24th, 2019
Materials with zero stock per bin

Hello! Does anyone know in which tcode I can find materials with zero stock? Sorted by either storage type, or even better sorted by storage bin.

Filter through user input on a multiprovider using Hierarchy variable in HANA modeler

Hi experts, I'm a newbie to HANA modeling. So looking for an answer for the following question with a bit of details.We are in BW7.4 SP6 with HANA as the DB. We have a BW Bex Query on top of a Multipr...

NDSO delta identification without having RecordMode in source files

Hi, I have versions of a text file containing Sales Orders. The first one is yesterday's data and the second is yesterday's+today's data. So the text files look like: 1st file (yesterday's data): Sale...

SAP HANA 2 DWF - Building NDSO error (error code ELIFECYCLE)

Hi, Following the SAP HANA Academy tutorial video∈dex=2 about 'DWF: NDSO - Creating an NDSO II [2.0 SPS 00]' I try t...

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How does SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Work Webcast Recap

Beta planned for summer, GA is planned for SAP TechEd The legal disclaimer applies, that things in the future are subject to change. Source: SAP Cloud service, cloud native service, managed by SAP Use...

June 4th, 2019
What is SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Webcast Recap

This was an SAP webcast. Replay can be found here Source: SAP Short introduction Source: SAP Product is not available today Announced at SAPPHIRENOW last month Might change until product goes GA - pla...

June 3rd, 2019
What’s New in HANA 2.0 SPS04: Data Warehousing Foundation Webcast Recap

Source: SAP Link to slides are here Source: SAP Requirements for HANA DW Source: SAP Load data to Native DSO New NDSO editor Generated Flowgraph when execute the NDSO Flowgraph has been "massively imp...

May 23rd, 2019
SAP Web IDE workspace and HDI container isolation, or how to work on one schema with multiple developers

By default, the SAP Web IDE for HANA, and the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, write HDB modules into developer specific schemas. This blog describes why, and how you can change this behavior. When you logon t...

May 17th, 2019
Extraction from SAP S/4HANA and other ABAP sources into HANA SQL DW with Smart Data Integration

Have you ever tried to stage data from an ABAP source system into native SAP HANA or the SAP HANA SQL Data Warehousing solution? Have you tried leveraging BW extractors or CDS Views to do this? With t...

March 25th, 2019
SAP SQL Data Warehousing Training now available

I am happy to announce that the 3-day training course “HDW410 – SAP SQL Data Warehousing” is now available. New dates for 2019 courses in Walldorf can be seen here. In this course you will get an over...

February 28th, 2019

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