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Learn, share, and keep your skills up-to-date on SAP GUI, SAP Screen Personas, and SAP Business Client. Join this community to access key product details/updates, connect with product experts, and find helpful resources.

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Learn how SAP Screen Personas makes employees more productive and reduces training time by allowing you to create more intuitive screens.

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Learn how SAP UI Landscape, the new SAP Frontend file format, simplifies the configuration by unifying the persisted connection and connection configuration data from SAP GUI for Windows, SAP GUI for Java and SAP Business Client in a modern and easy way.

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Learn how SAP Business Client - the standard client for Business Suite - integrates various UI technologies and design generations aimed at a more efficient, intuitive, and complete user experience over different UI technologies, such as Web Dynpro ABAP/FPM, SAP GUI transactions, including SAP S/4HANA and the desktop flavor of Fiori launchpad.

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Recent Questions
Scripting: Display Technical Names

Hello all, I'm working on a Script, that needs a new modus to open. In case that the maximum numbers of modi are already open, there should be a possibility to choose between all open modi. The chosen...

June 6th, 2019
SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP08 - Place images on SAP Easy Access Right Side Screen

Hi everyone, I'm trying to put some images on SAP Easy Access Right Side Screen. It's working perfectly in Slipstream and HTML GUI. However, it doesn't render in WinGUI. Is this a bug or basically not...

June 6th, 2019
Escaping character "&" in landscape xml file

Hello, when I use the "&" character in the landscape XML file with LandscapeFileOnServer it will show up correctly.I use & for escaping the character.But if I use the same with CoreLandscapeFileOnServ...

vba sapgui (MsAccess) application to convert to run in VB.NET missing imports files!

I'm trying to convert code I wrote in VBA (from Access 2013) to a new VB.NET platform. I'm assuming I need to import a SAPGUI reference but can't find where to find it! I went into the package manager...

June 4th, 2019
Problem solving elseif statement in SAP scripting

Hi All, Need to resolve a elseif statement - my problem is the code is straight away giving the false statement as result. whereas my first condition is true: i.e. my date is 06/04/2019 (mm/dd/yy) so ...

June 4th, 2019
SAP GUI 750 Silent installation

HI. I need help,I have SAP GUI 750 installation package,but the installation package is SAP Self-Extractor。I use xx\SAP_GUI_750\PRES1\GUI\WINDOWS\Win32\Setup\NwSapSetup.exe /Silent /product SAP GUI fo...

June 4th, 2019

Recent Blogs
How to launch SAPGUI with SSO from Fiori Launchpad

Introduction Starting with just 25 applications in 2013, SAP Fiori (Fiori 1.0) has grown to have over 10,000 applications in just 5 years. In particular, the number of applications has increased drama...

Migrate SAP LOGON.ini file to the new SAP GUI 7.60 for Windows

Dear Community, This post is to help the community migrate older versions of SAP LOGON Entries which were usually stored on Individual machines as .ini Files. So when a new install of the SAP GUI is d...

Issues with SAP GUI for Windows 7.60

The day before yesterday SAP GUI 7.60 was released. I looked forward to finally trying out the Belize theme on non S/4HANA systems and I really like the new design. Unfortunately after just one day of...

February 27th, 2019
International Editable SALV Day 2019

YEAR ELEVEN Dear CL_SALV_TABLE Fans, Welcome to February 8th, 2019 which is the eleventh International Editable SALV Day. See below for a link to a blog I wrote to celebrate this day exactly one year ...

February 8th, 2019
SAP Business Client: Create Your Own Theme Using UI Theme Designer

Create your theme for the classic SAP Business Client connection The UI theme designer is a browser-based tool for cross-theming scenarios. Use it to easily build your corporate identity themes by mod...

January 14th, 2019
SAP Fiori LaunchpadからSAPGUI for WindowsをSSO起動してみた

はじめに 2013年にわずか25アプリケーションでスタートしたSAP Fiori(Fiori 1.0)は、たった5年で10,000を超えるアプリケーションを擁するまでに成長しました。特に、2015年のS/4HANA 1511(Enterprise Management)に採用されたFiori 2.0から、急激にアプリケーション数が増えていますが、その急成長を支えているのは、Application ...

January 7th, 2019

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