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Code Vulnerability Analyzer

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Expert Content

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List of CVA checks

This blog lists the checks available with CVA.

Code Vulnerability Analyzer Checks

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Remote code analysis in ATC

This blog series explains how to use CVA in one central scanning system for all your local systems.

Remote Code Analysis in ATC

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Integration with SAP Fortify by Micro Focus

This blog explains how findings from CVA can be displayed in Fortify

How to replicate CVA Results from ATC into Fortify SSC

Latest Questions and Answers
Problem solving elseif statement in SAP scripting

Hi All, Need to resolve a elseif statement - my problem is the code is straight away giving the false statement as result. whereas my first condition is true: i.e. my date is 06/04/2019 (mm/dd/yy) so ...

June 4th, 2019
Radio button change and it's impact on existing variants

All - I need little guidance on the topic below. Imagine a ABAP report having NO radio buttons in the selection screen initially and there is a variant saved and the program is running as a batch job ...

June 3rd, 2019
ATC - Person Responsible field missing for global check variants

Hello, I noticed that in a remote ATC context a field called person responsible is provided for local check variants but there is no person responsible field for global check variants. Am I missing so...

How to find standard routines to update SAP-tables which will survive a conversion to S/4HANA?

In our ERP NW 7.50 system (SP13, EHP8) we unfortunately have many (actually way too many!) instances where SAP-tables get updated directly in custom code. Many of these codings were created years ago ...

replacement object for table KNVK?

While running test cockpit to make our system HANA proof, it says I need to replace reference to table KNVK in a view by a reference to a replacement object: -- View /ARMP/V_CONTACT has TABL KNVK as a...

Badi for ME21n to display valuation type in valuation field field

can any one give me the solution and code and where write i got one badi me_gui_po_cust... i dont no very much about oops. i have to display valuation type in valuation field.user will give material q...

May 21st, 2019

Latest Blogs
Why Applied OO?

A few years ago I was invited by a customer to give a course on ABAP OO (aka. ABAP Objects). During the training, I then learned that some participants attended the third course on this topic in the c...

May 10th, 2019
How to scan ABAP code ?

For different purposes , scanning ABAP codes in an SAP system is useful to gather different kind of information. For example : To detect security vulnerabilities in ABAP level To detect hard coded val...

April 22nd, 2019
ABAP Test Double Framework - Doppel-Agent

Doppel-Agent Als Test-Double oder Mock-Up werden die Attrappen für Testzwecke in der Programmierung genannt. Der aus dem englischen stammende Begriff Mock-up bezeichnet im Deutschen beispielsweise ein...

April 5th, 2019
Writing simple, readable unit tests

One of the mantras for unit tests is that they should be simple and easy to write. The converse is often also true, if testing is difficult, then the tested code is too complex. I've found that writin...

April 4th, 2019
Integration between “SAP Code Vulnerability Analyzer” and “SAP Fortify by Micro Focus”

Although cyber attacks have become increasingly dangerous for companies of all sizes, a lot of businesses are not properly protected against security threats. As far as the security of applications is...

April 2nd, 2019
Standard way to add custom test cases in ATC

Adding custom test cases to ATC There are situations where ATC might not be considering all the checks and your coding standards demands additional checks to be incorporated inside the ATC checks. Hen...

March 3rd, 2019

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