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SAP Cloud Platform Backend service is a new offering from SAP’s Serverless Computing on SAP Cloud Platform.This backend service is currently available in beta and works with your digital core and other cloud services within a simple, secure, and standard-based cloud environment.
Enable beta features in your SAP Cloud Platform account to start using this beta service.

SAP Cloud Platform Backend service (beta)

Build OData/RESTful services using just a data model as input in a serverless environment.The Backend service helps you to rapidly build, run, and manage enterprise-ready APIs powered by a fully working backend generated on the fly in a serverless environment.

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SAP Cloud Platform Backend service

Service for building OData/RESTful APIs based on a data model. You can create APIs with QCRUD capabilities and supporting backing services. It provides a fully-working backend on the fly without coding.

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Subscribe to events from API operations

Use this service with SAP Enterprise Messaging to enable event-driven integration by subscribing to events raised out of API operations.

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