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Find information, blogs, and resources about running your SAP system on the IBM operating system AIX.

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With IBM AIX 7.2 TL 2, the AIX operating system supports the new communication protocol solution SMC-R. A new white paper demonstrates and summarizes the benefits of using SMC-R in a distributed SAP on AIX environment.

Find the white paper at IBM TechDocs

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Check out IBM Redbooks for latest POWER hardware to run your SAP on AIX software.

Read the IBM Power System E980 technical overview

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This Technical Brief from IBM provides a collection of recommendations and best practices for implementing and running SAP landscapes on IBM Power Systems. The focus of this paper is on the PowerVM-related system configuration aspects.

Read the guide

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PowerHA 7.2.3 supports Standalone Enqueue Server 2

The latest PowerHA SystemMirror Version 7.2.3, Smart Assist for SAP discovers and supports both Standalone Enqueue Server and Standalone Enqueue Server 2.

See the PowerHA release notes

For Enqueue Server 2 documentation see SAP Help Portal

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New AIX Technology Level available

The new AIX 7.2 Technology Level 3 is available and supported for SAP.
For announcement and summary of capabilites see:

IBM AIX 7.2 with Technology Level 3 Release Notes

SAP support statement

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Updated Information on AIX Runtime Requirements for S/4 HANA 1809

In this SAP note we provide information about the minimal AIX release level and C/C++ runtime level that are required for the operation of the SAP kernel

See Note (SMP login required)

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SAP Applications on IBM PowerVM

Besides updates on topics that have been covered already in the first version of the IBM Redbook "SAP Applications on IBM PowerVM," new topics like AME and POWER7 are discussed. Another chapter provides a deep insight in CPU metrics on Power Systems.

Get the Redbook

Latest Questions and Answers IBM AIX
SAP OS DB Migration - Oracle to SQL

Hi Experts We are working on a OS / DB migration requirement where our SAP ECC system needs to be moved from AIX 6.1 / Oralce 10g to Windows & SQL 2016 My query is both source OS & DB are currently no...

April 29th, 2019
adopt environment variables

So we need to schedule a crontab job to back our logs for every 20 min. The command we use to backup said logs is the following: dbmcli -d "DB" -u "username","password" -uUTL -c backup_START BackLog "...

XFS File System support for Non-Hana SAP systems

Greetings, We are embarking on our Hana initiative and my OS team has asked a question that I am not certain of. The question is, Can non-Hana systems run on XFS? We will be will be migrating our ECC,...

September 28th, 2018
SUSE or RED HAT LINUX for SAP HANA on x86 ???

Hi everyone ! We are running ECC 6 EHP7 on NW 749 (non-unicode) and BW on NW 7.5, all on IBM AIX with an Oracle 12.1 DB backend. Our management has signed us to migrate out of Oracle DB, to SAP HANA. ...

July 31st, 2018
AIX 7.1 Power8 processor SMT4 is good for SAP IQ 16.1

Dear Expert, I got a question on p195 of “POWER7 and POWER7+ Optimization and Tuning Guide , An IBM Redbooks publication" ( . It de...

July 25th, 2018
Change max vCPU setting on LPAR : online or offline ?

Hello We need to increase the value for max vCPU setting of one of our LPAR. We have a 24/7 business running on the SAP system hosted on that LPAR so we would like to have it done transparently. Is th...

Latest Blogs of our primary tag IBM AIX
NiHLGetHostName: implementation doesn’t support IPv6 in gateway trace file

Purpose While checking the gateway trace file (dev_rd) today I got to see strange entries as: NiHLGetHostName: implementation doesn’t support IPv6 [nixxhl.cpp 380] Environment I am using SAP NetWeaver...

December 24th, 2018
Moving Unix Domain sockets * Or * Sapstream files (./sapstream) to alternate location other than standard /tmp/ directory.

Greetings for the day! I recently came across this question of ” Can we somehow change the location of /tmp/.sapstream sockets to some other location that /tmp/.. location ? “ The answer to this quest...

September 28th, 2018
Kernel 7.53 requires new C/C++ runtime on AIX

SAP Kernel 7.53 was recently released as downward-compatible kernel instead of 7.40, 7.41, 7.42, 7.45, or 7.49 kernels – see SAP note 2556153 – Using kernel 7.53 instead of kernel 7.40, 7.41, 7.42, 7....

March 25th, 2018
The ABAP Detective Presses On

Last time I popped my detective hat above the cubicle wall was 6 months or so ago, in the last episode called I Carry A Spool or How The ABAP Detective Found His LP. That was a software lifetime ago. ...

April 12th, 2017
AIX to Linux Step 3 – DNS, AD and secure file transfers

After time off in early Fall, November filled up with project meetings and task lists. We’re working with offsite server image farms, and the first order of business after getting network routing up w...

December 14th, 2016
From bash to regexp, step 2 AIX to Linux

Last month, I posted concerning preparing to move shell scripts from one OS to another. As the SAP Community site was newly migrated...

November 5th, 2016

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