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ABAP Connectivity

Learn about ABAP connectivity technologies for remote SAP- and non-SAP systems which include usage of internet protocols like HTTP(s), TCP(s), MQTT and data formats like XML and SAP protocols and formats like RFC/BAPI, IDoc and ALE/EDI.

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Say Goodbye to Polling - Real-time events with ABAP Channels

Learn how to implement real-time event-driven communication with ABAP Channels

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Industrial IoT with ABAP

Gain insight into Industrial IoT with ABAP

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MQTT client in ABAP

Learn about MQTT support in ABAP platform 1809

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ABAP Daemons – Always available ABAP sessions to handle events

Learn about ABAP Daemons

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Real-time events with ABAP Channels

ABAP Channels enable real-time event-driven communication by replacing polling through push notifications based on publish-subscribe mechanism and WebSockets.

ABAP Channels Use Cases

ABAP Channels Introduction

ABAP Channels Video Tutorials

ABAP Channels Examples

ABAP Channels Demos

ABAP Channels Documentation

ABAP Channels FAQ

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How ABAP supports Industrial IoT Scenarios

The Industrial IoT make it possible to connect things via sensors to influence decisions, bring transparency and real-time information. ABAP supports Industrial IoT scenarios with native TCP/IP protocols based on the ABAP Channels.

ABAP Channels in AS ABAP 7.50

Get your hands on Industrial IoT in ABAP

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ABAP Connectivity Hot News

ABAP Connectivity technologies become mature over time offering new opportunities like e.g. fast RFC connection and supporting new technology standards like e.g. HTTP/2

Connectivity News in AS ABAP 7.51

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How many implementations can be created & active for enhancement point and enhancement section? Thanks in Advance anusha

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Hi Experts, We receive XML data from NON-SAP system which the PI converts to an IDOC and sends to SAP. using this IDoc we process the document. The idoc status changes. But is there any way we can com...

How to trigger IDOC for SAP PM/QM Notification whenever data is created/changed in real time

Hi Experts, Can you please throw some light on how to trigger IDocs whenever a Quality Notification is created/Saved in realtime ? Like when user changes some data, we have to trigger the notif data v...

CREATE OBJECT excel 'Excel.Application' SYSSUBRC 2

Background of issue : 1.We are executing the Transaction code from SAP ABAP side S4HANA 1809 and downloading the excel template with 5 columns where 4th and 5th as empty column. 2.Filling the last two...

Issue in BDC Recording while Creating Object Dependency

Hello Gurus, I am working on Variant Configuration.I have to create Object dependecy using BDC While recording CU01,I am unable to get dependency logic in dependency Editor. I goto CU01 >Dependency De...


Hi when i am trying to update a customer contact details in CRM. This is deleting other details from customer in ECC. I have found BDOC in smw01. Can someone guide me steps i could follow to find caus...

June 5th, 2019

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